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Two feeds for video -- How to mix?

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Billu Patel
Two feeds for video -- How to mix?
on Jan 31, 2011 at 12:05:19 am

Hello all,

This is my first post here and being a real noob with video editing my vocab will be real simple. Please bear with.

I have two streams for a talk. One has the person talking in it and the second was the feed coming from the PC for the presentation that was going on (it has the audio also). And the second feed is at a slower frame rate of 6frames/second (which is not big an issue as contains slides only without animation).

I have been trying to mix the clips from the presentation feed to the main video without loosing the sync and audio. The ways I tried end up with sync issues or it begins to take longer and longer for fine tuning the clips and audio.

What would the best way to proceed? or should I say, what should be my workflow for this?

Please ask questions if I did not explain myself clearly. All advice is highly appreciated.


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Billu Patel
Re: Two feeds for video -- How to mix?
on Jan 31, 2011 at 3:50:10 am

Now I'm trying the following:

1. Add the main video feed in totality.
2. Lock the audio for the main feed.
3. Insert clips (in overwrite mode) of the presentation feed by pointing the movie head at the appropriate point in the timeline.

Lets see if this works....seems to be less time consuming that earlier. Not sure if it will really give me the required stuff with all audio in sync with the video.

Waiting for suggestions for the time being.

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Jeff Greenberg
Re: Two feeds for video -- How to mix?
on Feb 1, 2011 at 3:32:48 am

I'm unclear - are you saying you have two streams of video that you ant to have play at the same time?
What format are each of the QuickTime files in?

Basically, what we want, is both of them at the same codec + frame rate.


Jeff G

Apple Master Trainer
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Billu Patel
Re: Two feeds for video -- How to mix?
on Feb 1, 2011 at 10:55:45 pm

Let me try to explain again.

I have two video streams of a talk. One stream (main stream) has the person talking and the second stream has the feed coming from the PC - for creating the video of the presentaiton.

I need to get clips from the presentation feed video and fit them in the main video stream. Basically it will be the person talking in the video and then a slide (from video stream) appears for 10 to 15s and then the main video starts again.

The two feeds do not have the same framerate though. Main video feed is at normal 29.97fps and PC feed is at 5fps.

I have been able achive this as per my earlier comment with frame rate not causing a problem. However, after about 35min, the video's audio is jittery and uncomprehensible!! Trying to render again after removing the audio and adding just the audio stream again.

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Chris Wiggles
Re: Two feeds for video -- How to mix?
on Feb 5, 2011 at 7:30:05 pm

IF these are just still slides, you could just do a framegrab of the slides and basically create a still JPEG, and stick those in.

I would probably use two video tracks, just dump the entire video of the talk with its audio into V1. Then create a V2 track, and edit in all the still frames from your presentation slides as needed into V2. This way you're not actually editing into the video on V1, and you can move around your slides very easily to time them how you want without trouble.

Final Cut plays whatever the uppermost video clip is (long as the track is turned on), so wherever the slides appear in V2 above the V1 video, that is what you will see rather than the video underneath it.

Hope that helps!


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