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Are these 2D animation scenarios possible in FCP Motion 4?

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Mark Hooker
Are these 2D animation scenarios possible in FCP Motion 4?
on Dec 12, 2010 at 12:35:23 am

Dear FCP experts,

(1) Are the following 2D animation scenarios possible in FCP Motion 4?
(2) If so, what keywords or product features should I be reading about in the ~1500 page User Guide?

Here is a static image of the basic animation I want to make:

Basic animation:
  • The rectangles would start in the positions shown
  • The path they take is shown in the thick black arrowed lines
  • Each rectangle descends the vertical path it is on
  • When each rectangle reaches the end of it's vertical, it flies diagonally to the top of the next vertical path to the right
  • Continue until each rectangle has moved through the end of the last vertical element of the path, when it just disappears.

Adjust Path; varying heights; update animation:
  • Would then like to adjust the heights of the various verticals and simply have the animation update automatically.
  • Would also like to adjust the equidistant spacing and have the animation update automatically.

Final Animation:
  • Would like to have the heights of the verticals changing (moving up and down like on an equalizer display) and have animation adjust

  • (3) If it cannot be done in Motion 4, what application can do it?
    (4) Please offer any other council you care to.

    The features I think I am looking for are: ability to define a "parametric" or "feature-based" "animation paths". With such paths, animations made with respect to such paths would automatically update when the paths themselves were changed... saving immense amounts of time.


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    Thomas Morter-Laing
    Re: Are these 2D animation scenarios possible in FCP Motion 4?
    on Dec 12, 2010 at 1:23:26 am

    Can be done, sounds fairly simple but possibly time consuming if you don't know motion. Unfortunately sometimes playing with stuff like that is the best way- I'd recommend looking at rotorscoping/keyframing objects and movement.

    Tom Morter-Laing
    Freelance Editor
    Certified Apple Product Proffessional, 2010

    Sony Z5, with Rode NTG2.
    iMac 27" intel i7 2.93GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI HD5750 [1GB GDDR5], 2TB Int. SATA with 2TB External HDD; (FW800), with Elgato Turbo H264HD.

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    Mark Suszko
    Re: Are these 2D animation scenarios possible in FCP Motion 4?
    on Dec 13, 2010 at 3:13:24 pm

    I think there is an audio behavior in motion you can assign to to drive a secondary effect like positioning. I'm still in motion 3 here, waiting for the money to upgrade. I think what you're after can be done in Motion, one of the tricks maybe is to employ multiple cameras for the instant switching. People just starting out with motion tend to either try to do everything by moving the pieces around and leaving the camera static, or just using the camera and not putting the other elements into action. With a little planning, you can combine both sets of moves and get beter results. For a beginner like me, I find it often helps to find a template that has some similarities to what I want, and de-construct that. If only as a guide.

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