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Adding Audio Delay in FCP

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Andrew Swann
Adding Audio Delay in FCP
on Jul 9, 2010 at 3:44:34 pm

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a way of introducing an audio delay on FCPs output.

Currently I monitor video on a TV/DV deck connected via Firewire to my MacBook Pro (running FCP 6.0.6). Previously I took the phono audio out from the deck and plugged that in to the back of my speakers.

However I have just upgraded to some Fostex PM0.5 MkII's and these only have an XLR/TRS input on the back.

Now audio is currently coming out of my computer to an Edirol UA-25EX external sound card and going to the speakers - but understandably audio is out of sync with the pictures on the TV.

Is there anyway to introduce this delay? I know about compensating for video latency between the computer screen and the monitor, but can it audio be treated separately?

Thoughts/advice and help welcome

All the best

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John Fishback
Re: Adding Audio Delay in FCP
on Jul 18, 2010 at 6:46:08 pm

FCP has an offset setting that might help. However, I'm not sure which way the offset goes. in Final Cut go to the System Settings menu and click the Playback Control tab. Then enter a number of frames in the Frame Offset field. I believe the range is 0 to 30. Hope this helps.


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Andrew Swann
Re: Adding Audio Delay in FCP
on Jul 23, 2010 at 12:36:56 pm

Hi John,

Thanks for that - unfortunately that only adjust video latency, it doesn't affect the audio. (It's designed primarily to make the computer monitor match the latency of an external monitor being fed through a slower connection ie: firewire)


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Kevin Monahan
Re: Adding Audio Delay in FCP
on Feb 22, 2011 at 11:44:59 pm


Did you ever solve this one? I am trying to solve the same problem. The Frame offset advise
is recommended over and over again and it is useless. It also only works as you describe, over firewire.
If audio could be routed to Firewire while video run to Cinema Desktop, the frame offset might work
but when I try to do that with a firewire camcorder, there is no way to separate the audio from the video.
Maybe with a dedicated Audio firewire interface that option might work.
I picked up a new 37" TV that I am using as a monitor but the audio out of final cut is about 4 or 5 frames
ahead of the video on the new display. I can slip my audio tracks by that much and it syncs perfectly but
that is not the solution. I just need to delay the audio going to my audio monitors by 120ms so that the
audio is in sync with the video. There are hardware boxes that are sold for home entertainment systems
that solve this problem but I hate to buy a dedicated box just to add 120ms of audio delay. I am curious
if you found a solution.

Kevin Monahan (the other)

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Andrew Swann
Re: Adding Audio Delay in FCP
on Mar 8, 2011 at 3:35:24 pm

Hi Kevin,

I'm afraid I never found a way of solving this... In the end I took a feed out of the back of a borrowed DV deck and fed those into my speakers - but it is a faff and you'd think the easiest and most workable solution would be to allow audio or video frame delays - but separately.

Still annoyed to say the least - but I've got over it :-)


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