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Workflow Question

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Benjon Jonathan
Workflow Question
on Jul 6, 2010 at 5:06:56 am


I have a basic workflow question that I am hoping I can get some feedback on.

I am shooting with a Sony AX-2000. I shoot using 1920x1080 and in 60i. I then ingest into FCP pro 7 using log and transfer to Apple Pro Res 422 (Proxy) to do my edits. Once finished with editing I convert the original AVCHD footage to Apple Pro Res 422 via Roxio Toast Titanium Pro to a frame rate of 24fps and then reconnect that footage to get to the final product.

My questions are
1) Is this overall workflow long-winded? Are there any shortcuts that I might be able to take? I do weddings, so I want to try and get my workflow down to as quick as possible to do same-day edits.
2) Is there any advantage to shooting in 60i and then converting later? I want all of my end products to have the film-like look?

Thanks for any help that I may be able to get.

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Shane Ross
Re: Workflow Question
on Jul 7, 2010 at 5:10:21 am

So you shoot 60i...edit ProRes Proxy 60i...and then online full res at 23.98 (24p)? Why the change in frame rate? How does it work out for you? I can't see that looking at all good.

[Benjon Jonathan] "1) Is this overall workflow long-winded?"

Yes. What you are doing is converting EVERYTHING to a low res file, then converting EVERYTHING AGAIN to full res. Converting EVERYTHING is the part that is overkill

[Benjon Jonathan] "re there any shortcuts that I might be able to take?"

Yup. Log and transfer the footage to ProRes Proxy. Edit. When you are done, highlight the main sequence in the browser, right-click on it and choose MEDIA MANAGER. Use the MAKE OFFLINE option, and choose the codec you want to finish. Add 1 second handles. THis will make a new sequence that uses ONLY the footage used in the final sequence, with 1 second handles. Now, Hit BATCH CAPTURE and watch FCP import the footage again, but only the selects, not the full clips.

BUT, what this won't do is your odd frame converstion from 29.97 (60i) to 23.98 (24p)...which I am still curious about why are doing. If you want 23.98, why didn't you shoot it?

[Benjon Jonathan] "2) Is there any advantage to shooting in 60i and then converting later"

No. Shoot the frame rate you want from the start converting later is unnecessary work, and won't look as good as if you shot it in the first place. UNLESS...your 24p look is the "film look" in a 29.97 (60i) data stream. This is fairly common. If this is the case, just stick with 29.97 throughout and even though it is has the 24p film look.


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Benjon Jonathan
Re: Workflow Question
on Jul 7, 2010 at 3:45:17 pm

Thanks a lot for the tips Shane, they are very helpful!

I just figured that it was better to shoot at a higher frame rate to keep all of the information and convert later, looks like this is not recommended.

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Frank Giardina
Re: Workflow Question
on Jul 27, 2010 at 8:59:50 pm

I'm pretty new to all this, so please bear with me. I have a real mixed bag. We are shooting with a Canon XH A1s and a Canon 7D (transcoding in mpeg steaming now, but will be adjusting workflows to prores in compressor soon)... just now getting into the editing process. We started shooting at 30fps on both and will be switching to 24, but that's not my problem. My footage on both is 1440 x 1080. I have my sequence setting in FCP set all at the same 1440 x 1080, my frame rate too .. all 16:9. I'm sending my project to compressor and importing the mp2+Dolby into DVD Pro... again, keeping everything at 16:9. The end result being a letterboxed DVD (top and bottom). Images attached I think :)

Any suggestions?


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