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Multiclip - Resynchronising 2 angles

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Gordon Henry
Multiclip - Resynchronising 2 angles
on Dec 4, 2015 at 9:40:38 pm

Hi ,

I am a newbie to FCP and working on a multicam edit.. quiet strait forward project for most i would imagine.

It is a theatre show shot on 2 cameras..

I have been editing real time multicam and it has worked a treat so far - half way into a 90 min min edit i have noticed that it had got out of sync due to droped frames or the sd card glitch maybe ...

i know how to nudge the frames on multicam edits .. but what i can't get my head around is as follows :

If i nudge the frames to resync to the point where the edit has drifted out.. will the previous 45 mins of edits be affected as well.. upto to this drifting issue i have checked and it is all good and in sync.. as i made the multiclip using In Points ...
i can actually see where the drop frames are on one of the shots.. the images just jumps a few frames .. i have tried reimporting it and also looked at the original footage and it is on the original recording as well.. Avchd file that i have log and transfered.

What i do not want to do is start messing with nudging the the multi clip to find all my fine work upto thgis point is worthless.. i have a gut feeling that it does not affect the previous edit points and just changes the from the last point in the viewer.. i have checked the manual and attached a screen grab - though the manual is vague as to what the implications are for the entire previous edit upto nudging frames to reysync the 2 angles.

Sorry this question is at tad long winded - need to know i feel as if it is a problem of dropped frames or card then i am pretty sure it will happen again during the remainder of the 45 mins left... too much stress to think abour!!

i just hope someone understands what my issue is and i need an experinced FCP guru to advise!!

Thanks in advance to one and all for reading this ,



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Nick Meyers
Re: Multiclip - Resynchronising 2 angles
on Dec 5, 2015 at 3:45:46 am

your previous edits wont go out of sync.
at least they shouldn't.
you could easily test this, in a copy of your project of you were feeling more cautious.

if you match frame the multi into the viewer, you will bring up the current re-synched version, so maybe avoid that.

a safer way might be to copy the multi, re-sync it, give it a new name,
and cut that version back into the timeline.


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Gordon Henry
Re: Multiclip - Resynchronising 2 angles
on Dec 8, 2015 at 3:59:47 pm

Hi Nick,

Aplogies about the delay in replying..

Brilliant and your a trooper... exactly as you said... the nudging of frames does not affect any edits prior to the last one in the multiclip so thats a huge bonus after all my hard work.. the trick i guess is to press save project so it does not alter any previous edits.. i copied the project before i tried as you advised...

Really apprecaite you replying to my frustrating issue.

Can i ask a question/advise... is it safer, easier and quicker to send anything from FCP to compressor by creating an export QT file then bringing it into Compressor as appose to sending it directly to compressor from FCP?




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