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Suggetions for Exporting Clips

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Brandan Spyker
Suggetions for Exporting Clips
on Sep 4, 2015 at 1:21:34 am

So our station captures our entire newscast (one recording or sometimes segments) on final cut pro then we go through the recording and grab each clip that we need and put it into the timeline (see photo). To export to the web we have to export each clip manually through quicktime conversion. What I want to know is if there is a way to export these clips all at once speed the process up. I have tried sub clipping each clip into their own sequence, then I send them to Compressor to be exported but it would take like 5 hours to export 10 videos. they aren't being exported to any crazy format just a standard mp4 file. Exported individually it doesn't take 5 hours, it would take about 40mins to an hour. I feel there is a way to speed up and stream line the process but I am out of ideas. Any help?

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Nick Meyers
Re: Suggetions for Exporting Clips
on Sep 4, 2015 at 10:08:25 am

yes, you can simplify this process a lot.

the quickest way to deal with it is to BATCH EXPORT the clips.
copy to a new bin,
select all clips in bin, Batch Export, (Shift Command E, oh wait, that's my custom command, i use Batch export a bit)

fastest way: export as Quicktime move, same settings, NOT self contained.
these reference files are very quick to write, as they REFERENCE the original video media, (they do write the audio)
but for the same reason, don't expect them to work after a day or two, as the original media may move, or whatever.

take those exported reference clips, and run them thru compressor or Media Encoder or whatever (Mpeg Streamclip?)

Batch export will halt on clips with the same name, which i see you have.
it;s simple enough to add a -2 or whatever as you go

or you can work out a system to deal with that BEFORE you batch export.

one way i can think of:
take the sequence,
copy it onto a new project
right click on that sequence, and "Make Sequence Clips Independent"
NOW copy to a new bin,
sort by Media Start, (sometimes sorting by Reel# and Media Start is better)
now go thru the list and add a -2 or whatever to duplicate usages.

when you have unique names, Batch Export.

dealing with the dupe names as you go in the Batch Export process, is probably quicker,
but m not 100% sure it'll do them in the right order.
i think sorting the bin by media start BEFORE you select and batch export will help there.


Resolve is good at this.
you can do your simple selections in that, and it's easy to "Deliver" each timeline clip as a separate media file.


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Nick Meyers
Re: Suggetions for Exporting Clips
on Sep 4, 2015 at 9:58:42 pm

Another fcp approach is to not work in a timeline,
Instead make sub lips of your segments
They will go direct o the browser with unique names


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