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DVCPROHD transcode to ProRes workflow

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David Lunday
DVCPROHD transcode to ProRes workflow
on Oct 4, 2013 at 7:22:07 pm

So, still trying to make final decision here on my workflow with transcoding, but keep coming across seemingly conflicting advice as I continue researching. It seems several folks are recommending to transcode over to ProRes from DVCPRO HQ before going to color (they are very emphatic about this actually!). I just came across this from Larry Jordan's website:

"Also, here are some additional thoughts based on what I’ve learned recently.
If you are working in the following formats, there is no reason to use ProRes 422:

If you are working in the following formats, ProRes is worth considering, but probably not worth the effort:
Beta SX
Beta SP

So, I'm not really sure why he is saying this...??

BTW, the 3 types of footage that exist on my timeline are:
1.DVCPROHD 720p60 23.98fps.
2.*DVCPROHD 720P60 59.94fps. (is easily converted to 23.98fps using DVCPRO 720p24 in compressor)
3.*HDV 1080p24 23.98fps.

*there's only about 30-40 clips total in the entire film of these second two.

I will be delivering for Bluray/DVD and hopefully DCP if we make it into some I know my final output will have to be 1080p, at least at some point, for the DCP

My film, which is 86 minutes, is completely edited with transitions, fades etc etc. If I'm going to transcode NOW before going to color I just want it to make good sense. I'm fine with going to apple ProRes 422 HQ if my film will really look much better. However, that means I will have to transcode all of my original files one by one, or in a batch...and this alone seems like a lot of extra work because I'm going to have to compile all these files into a folder to be transcoded...which raises another important question...wouldn't you make copies of these original files and transcode THOSE to ProRes so that you still have your originals? (in my case DVCPROHD 720p).

OR: and since thinking this over since seems to make a lot of sense, to me anyway, to convert the HDV 1080p stuff (about 10 shots total) down to 720p to match the rest of the timeline...IF, after all, the DVCPROHD 720p footage is never going to get any better resolution wise anyway! At least that way the quality of the HDV stuff will better match the 720p clips...which again is the vast majority of the project. THEN at the end for the final output I would uprez everything, after color correction which will be done in color, to 1080p. (and yes, I realize I'm downcoverting the HDV 1080p stuff then uprezing it again but the overall workflow seems to have some sense to it OVERALL)

Like I said, I'm happy to transcode to ProRes NOW if it's really going to make a difference..and maybe it does make quite a difference in Color (I do realize it's 10-bit), but I've also heard that Color works very well with DVCPROHD too. It just seems like a lot of extra work to transcode all of my files to ProRes...maybe there is a quicker or easier way to do it...any suggestions on the workflow for this? I just want to know before I jump in!

Thanks everyone!

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