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jog wheel for fcp 7

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finbar taub
jog wheel for fcp 7
on Jun 20, 2013 at 9:59:52 pm

hello all!

ive never used a jog shuttle wheel and dont have access to one, but was researching the


Normally, when I edit i use FCP7 (im scared of X ...) and on my right hand I use a trackball, which I love to death. My left hand hovers over the left side of the windows keyboard (i edit on a imac, but really like this windows keyboard), with the left thumb about on the space bar, and my pinky ready to hit ctrl, command, or whatever is needed. I use the entire apple package: fcp, motion, soundtrackpro, etc.

For my editing jobs, i use the left hand mostly for the following

space bar to "play/stop" (hit with left thumb)
ctrl - v to cut
shift - v to paste insert into timeline
command t to add some transitions
command s to save
command c or v to cut or paste
shift n to take a still
ctrl - k to keyframe
c - crop
a - arrow
command a - to select all

maybe im forgetting some, but those are the major ones.

So, question is, if I had this jog wheel on my left hand, could i assign the buttons on it to accomplish those tasks above with just one press of a button instead of my hotkey (two button) way of doing them?
For example, could I assign one button to "cut" and just press that when I need to cut (ctrl-v)? Also, if I did assign them such, would there be a "lag" of time after I press the button? That would be a dealbreaker, because the hotkeys work instantly as soon as they are pressed (on my computer).

Also, what are the wheels commonly assigned to for FCP? just scrubbing?

Also, while im at it, ill ask - is the set up of my hands and hotkeys very strange for an editor? I do not work on a team and have never worked with other editors, so im not sure if the way i am working would be considered odd or inefficient in any way. Im sure that's very subjective, but not having seen any others working, and never having gone to school for it, i would love to know how it's normally handled by experienced, efficient, fast editors.

thanks so much to all in advance -

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