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FCP disaster

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Alana Greig
FCP disaster
on Mar 26, 2013 at 2:12:50 am


So I was working on a little short and I was only working off one hard drive, I hadn't backed it up, to anywhere else (which I know was idiotic) and while working on the project I accidentally knocked my hard drive off the table. Basically hard drive is screwed, still waiting to hear back on quotes from data recovery services but the director wants to see the film now. I had the project open, so I saved a copy onto my own personal drive, I have all the original files that the director had, but he decided to only copy the QT files from the card, so I don't have the right file structure or anything to go off, I had log and captured them from AVCHD originally. I tried reconnecting but it keeps saying unspecified path. I'm out of my depth with this kind of technical stuff and I just want to try and fix it. If i have to wait and hope that the drive can be recovered then so be it, but I just want to be able to tell the director that and tell him why.

if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.


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Shane Ross
Re: FCP disaster
on Mar 26, 2013 at 4:41:18 pm

OK...first things first...

1) You still have the project file, right? If so...that's a good start.

2) Media. You said, "I have all the original files that the director had,"

You HAVE them now, or HAD them? If you have them, is the issue that you don't have the full card structure anymore...only some files he copied off of the card?

"but he decided to only copy the QT files from the card, so I don't have the right file structure or anything to go off, I had log and captured them from AVCHD originally."

Does that mean that you originally had the full card structure, and logged and transferred from that, but then after that, the director ONLY saved the QT files from that card? AVCHD does .MTS...what QT files did he back up?

This all would be a very easy task IF the full card structure was retained. But the director didn't do he's at fault there. That's tapeless shooting 101...back up the full card structure. Anything less and you are flirting with disaster. (I'm really trying not to call the director an idiot...but it's hard).

If all you have is some QT or .MTS file that was copied, then you have a lot of manual things to do, and the director will have to wait to see the cut. They have little to no right to be impatient with you here, as accidents happen, hard drives can also fail on their own. THEY didn't archive the masters properly, so that is throwing a bigger wrench into this mess.

If you have QT files...then you need to convert them with MPEG STREAMCLIP or Compressor to the format you had while editing. Things that might not show up (because only the QT files were saved) are important things that FCP needs to Timecode and Reel number. If those don't match, reconnecting will be a pain.

If they all have the same name...then you can try this. Duplicate the project....the whole project. Then manually reconnect to all the files one at a time...matching the names. You'll get warnings like "timecode doesn't match" or "start and end times don't match"....ignore those and push forward. Do a few of those and see if they are linking up properly and your cut is being rebuilt properly.

If not...then reimport all the newly converted files, and rebuild the cut manually.

If the director throws a fit, send them to this thread and I'll tell them everything they did wrong that is hampering this process.

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