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FCP 7 Assistant Editor Audio Question

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Erick Wilczynski
FCP 7 Assistant Editor Audio Question
on Mar 16, 2013 at 6:42:21 pm


This question is so basic it's almost embarrassing. I am prepping some footage for my editor and I have 10 tracks of audio. Most of them are blank and I'd like to limit the tracks to just the usuable ones so the editor has an easy time.

I know of QT Change, but the destructive route doesn't interest me. Furthermore I am specifically trying to eliminate the inaudible tracks but still preserve the order they're in (The boom is track 8, Talent lav is Track 3, etc)

I can drag the clips into the timeline and clean them up but when I drag and drop them back into a bin they do not preserve the track numbering. For example If I delete audio on tracks 1-4 and keep the audio on track 5 when I re-add the clip to the timeline track 5 is now track 1.

Also the drag to timeline>clean up audio>Drag to Bin seems to not be the best methodology for this. Perhaps this is the common method for Assistant Editors, I'm not certain.

Sorry I realize this is a silly question but I don't Assistant Edit too often and I am trying to learn the best approach to this on an End of Line application.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

-E (reel) (production house)

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Nick Meyers
Re: FCP 7 Assistant Editor Audio Question
on Mar 16, 2013 at 7:37:11 pm

it mgt be worth talking to the sound recordist.

some record blank audio tracks as they believe the editors want that,
so if you have a chat with them, they will change their methodology.

drag to timeline, delete tracks, drag to bin is the only way to do it WITHIN FCP,
i haven't don it too much myself, so i am a little bit surprised about the track re-ordering.

ok here is another approach.
drag to timeline, delete tracks

might give you different results.
but there could be a problem.
i used to use double click into viewer, make subclip to prepare rushes in FCP (it trims any audio overhang)
but it has gotten weird and flakey in FCP7, and we found we had to re-start FCP quite often.

our solution was to first copy the clip to the browser, and open it from there,
and that puts you right back where you are.

are your 10 tracks for audio embedded in your QT files?
maybe you will have to make COPIES of all your files and use QT Change.


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Erick Wilczynski
Re: FCP 7 Assistant Editor Audio Question
on Mar 16, 2013 at 8:29:42 pm

I'm merging 8 tracks of audio to my video. Most of the footage was logged with blank audio tracks so that's how I get 10.

I like the subclip option I'm going to try that ASAP.

Thank you,


-E (reel) (production house)

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Nick Meyers
Re: FCP 7 Assistant Editor Audio Question
on Mar 16, 2013 at 10:15:15 pm

i see,

well the solution is possibly to not MERGE.
i tend to sync audio in the timeline, then LINK the clips in the timeline.

if you do that, then you can edit out your blank tracks before you link.
i would try that.

i guess you are merging based on TC
so, how to sync?

you can try a thing called Sequence Liner from Spherico Film tools.
it;s free.

a very god tool is Sync n Link, but it's a little expensive.
it works via XML

finally if you could cobble something together with a macro app such as QuickKeys.
to tell the truth, i would not attempt assisting in FCP without it.

i do have macros for it that help me with syncing rushes in the old fashioned way,
by finding claps in vision and sound.
if you are interested i can give them to you

but first see if deleting tracks BEFORE you link in timeline will work of you.

try removing the logged audio tracks first, (into timeline, remove audio, Video-only back to new bin)
before you merge.

OR can you use QT change on COPIES of the audio files.

can i ask what your sound post path will be?
do you need to get all 10 tracks to sound post?
if so what is the plan?


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