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FCP7 & macbook's intel HD 4000

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John Carchietta
FCP7 & macbook's intel HD 4000
on Jan 27, 2013 at 2:52:27 am

Hello, I plan on picking up a new 13" MacBook Pro. I wanted to ask if I will be OK with the Intel 4000 HD graphics card that comes stock. I will only be using FCP7. I won't be running motion or AE or anything like that. Just editing. Occasionally with a second monitor. Most likely pro res files. I know there are cards and other setups that will blow this away but I'm really just interested in the 13" for my own reasons. Thanks!!

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Rafael Amador
Re: FCP7 & macbook's intel HD 4000
on Jan 27, 2013 at 4:25:23 am

I don't think that will be good for running FC.7.
Even if you are not using third part plugins, many of the FC.7 effects are "FxPlug", that works on the GPU.
The MBPs that I know, have two graphic cards. The Intel one is used for normal operations, but when there is any intensive graphic task (display or processing), the system switch to the other card. NVIDIA on my computer.

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Neil Patience
Re: FCP7 & macbook's intel HD 4000
on Jan 27, 2013 at 7:51:07 pm

The 13" models both Retina and non Retina options do indeed only have the HD 4000 integrated GPU rather than the additional NVidia GPU that the 15" and 17" models have. There is no doubt the additional GPU is going to make things run much more smoothly.
And although you only use FCP now who knows what you may do in the future as you have to figure that machine is going to last you a while.

As soon as I open FCP 7 or FCPX my MacBook Pro immediately switches to the NVidia GPU.
One point however, Avid qualify the HD4000 to run Symphony 6.5 on a MacBook Air, I know thats not quite the same but it does suggest you may have a fighting chance.
I was just trying to see if there is a preference to switch off the NVidia so I could see how it ran on just the HD4000 but sadly not an option so can't give you a definitive answer FCP-wise.

If there is anyone here running FCP on an Air or 13" MBP maybe they can chime in and let you know ?

best wishes

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John Carchietta
Re: FCP7 & macbook's intel HD 4000
on Jan 27, 2013 at 8:04:05 pm

Thanks for the replies so far.

I did just come back from a friend's place where he was cutting a feature shot on the Alexa. I sat down to look at some footage and didn't see a computer anywhere! I askes what are you running off of and he pointed to the Mac Mini hiding behind the monitor. It seems the Mini has the same intel 4000 card as the 13" mbp. He claims no problems at all and he's in the same boat as myself. Just cutting on FCP7, nothing else.

So I guess that answers my initial question. However, I would still like to hear from anyone who is running just FCP on the 13" mbp intel 4000 card or anything lower. Thanks!!

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