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Master-Affiliate Clip Issue? Adding marker to sequence clip reflects in browser master clip

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Steve Loh
Master-Affiliate Clip Issue? Adding marker to sequence clip reflects in browser master clip
on Dec 19, 2012 at 4:42:06 pm

Working in FCP 6. I've scoured the boards and haven't found an answer to this. A strange thing just occurred with my project. Calling all gurus... bear with me, it's a bit complicated.

I'm cutting a documentary. My workflow: I used PluralEyes to sync up the dual system audio with the video. I took that synced sequence (all clips on one sequence) to break down long interviews by putting markers on the clips in that sequence (CLIP markers, not sequence markers). I used clip markers instead of sequence markers so I could see the all the markers in a list under the disclosure triangles in the browser (after dragging the merged/synced clips from the timeline back into the browser). To edit, I would then copy/paste portions from the synced sequence into my assembly sequence.

I was having some issues with FCP losing connections between the sequence clips and their master clips (described here where I'd get "The clip's master clip is not present. Would you like to add a master clip to the Browser?" when I'd try to Reveal Master Clip. But I learned to live with that. Since the clips in question were clips merged with PluralEyes, makes sense why there might be no or unlinked master clips. I tried a few options like clicking yes to the above error, to which FCP would add a new master clip. I also tried dragging the merged clip from the timeline into the browser to create a new clip (tried doing it with Option-Command and without). And also tried selecting the sequence in the browser and using Tools:Create Master Clip.

But now to the real question:
Through all of the above rigmarole, I somehow ended up with a weird situation. I have a clip in a sequence that when I add a marker to it (clip marker, not sequence marker), its master clip in the browser updates with that marker info. And vice versa, where if I open that master browser clip in the viewer and add a new marker, that marker shows up in the affiliate clip in the sequence. I didn't think that was possible. But this is exactly what I need. And I've been unable to reproduce it. I thought marker data wasn't shared like that. I know label and name info is shared (changing one clip changes the other), but not markers. With other clips, I have to drag the clips from the timeline into the browser to make the marker data show up in the browser, but it doesn't change after that -- makes sense, since the sequence clip is just an affiliate of the browser clip.

Anyone know how to make this happen, or is this just a fluke? To reiterate, I want to add markers to a clip in a timeline and have that marker data dynamically reflect in its master clip in the browser.

Yes, I know there are other workflows (don't get me started on subclipping), but I'm using this workflow (attempting) because it allows me to see the markers listed in the browser while also being able to see all of the markered synced interview clips strung out in a sequence.

I've trashed prefs, but doesn't change anything. And yes, FCP 6 is old, but it's what I've got right now.

Thanks in advance to all you cow gurus.

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Nick Meyers
Re: Master-Affiliate Clip Issue? Adding marker to sequence clip reflects in browser master clip
on Dec 19, 2012 at 9:15:58 pm

HI, Steve.

i'l bet a lot of people here would like to know how you got that particular bit of magic happening for you.
you are correct: it is not normal behaviour,
and i don't know how to re-create it.

re your original issue - master clips from pluralysed rushes

pluraleyes works in sequences, i think. you give it a sequence XML and you get back a sequence of synced clips.

well, these clips will not relate to anything in your browser. they are NEW entities with different audio.
i would suggest doing your syncing in a dedicated project, and copying the resulting sequence into your edit project.

then, copy all in that sequence, and paste into a new bin.
if you want markers on your browser clips AND rushes sequence clips, mark u your clips in the timeline,
and THEN copy / pate into a bin.
copy paste into a new bin, mark up your clips in the viewer, and edit those marked clips back into your sequence, overwriting the originals

dragging the clips may not work. this can start a "Creating New Master Clips" process, which is very long winded, PLUS it may well lose your markers.

back to your current query
i have never seen the behaviour you have described.
sure, i can COLOUR a clip in the browser and see that reflected in the timeline, or vice-versa,
but markers? no.

if i happen to be adding a marker to a BROWSER clip, i may edit it back into my rushes timeline


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Steve Loh
Re: Master-Affiliate Clip Issue? Adding marker to sequence clip reflects in browser master clip
on Dec 19, 2012 at 9:34:02 pm

Thanks, Nick.

Yeah, I have no idea how that happened. I was falling asleep (late night editing) whilst organizing clips, which usually leads to disaster (autosave is my friend). I guess the magical gnomes who mess with the project when I'm drooling on the keyboard created one super browser/timeline clip just to screw with my head.


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