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FCP7 Colour correction confusion!

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Robert Sea
FCP7 Colour correction confusion!
on Dec 1, 2012 at 10:47:51 pm

Hey guys

Basically Ive got a few (probably stupid!) questions that I hope someone can help me with! I know all about balancing shots using the video scopes etc, i think i mostly understand how to use them.

One thing thats confusing me though is setting white balance & balancing my RGB parade. When i use the auto white balance on the 3 way colour corrector, it works as it should, but then it alters my balanced RGB. & obviously if i balance my RGB back the white balance doesnt look right again?

Also i dont get how to balance my clips nicely, AND give them a look without screwing up my balancing? Cause as soon as i tweak my 3-way colour corrector to give the clip some flavour, often it totally screws up my balanced RGB etc etc?

Heres a screen shot of some colours i was messing around with.

Bottom shot is raw, top right is balanced w/ mild desaturation, top left is me messing about with a 'look', adding some reds in the blacks, blues in the mids etc.

I really like the vibe of the top left, but obviously this kind of colouring makes my RGB look totally unbalanced etc.

If anyones got any tips that could help id appreciate it! I've watched so many tutorials & read through so many colour correction techniques online & i understand the basics, but i still feel a bit lost!


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Rafael Amador
Re: FCP7 Colour correction confusion!
on Dec 2, 2012 at 10:30:15 am

Nothing wrong.
First to say, is that I see your raw picture (lower) and I don't think that needs any further White balance.
The Auto-WB works by choosing an object in the frame that is pure white, but that simply doesn't exist in nature. You get that only with a professional color chart. The Auto-WB may be good starting point some times but you have to be careful. If you chose an object that has a, lets say, certain red cast because the natural light has lot of red, you will pour on it a lot of blue to counterbalance the red and you will screw the picture.
In the other hand, when you push or low colors to get whatever look, you can't expect the RGB parade keep balanced. Any change in any channel will show up on the parade.
So use the scope to help you to detect what's on the picture and avoid unnatural casts, but other than keeping your values Broadcast Safe, don't let him to impose you any rule to get the look you want.
Just an advice, get used to desaturate the very low lights and very high lights, because in real life or eyes can't tell the color on very shining and very dark areas.

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Andrew Rendell
Re: FCP7 Colour correction confusion!
on Dec 2, 2012 at 12:44:44 pm

"Balancing the RGB parade" is a red herring. That display can be used to help you keep things "broadcast legal" and can be helpful for identifying problems, but it'll only ever be "balanced" when the frame has no colour in it.

Grading can only be done with your eyes looking at a screen that you can trust. Grading by "scope" is unlikely to ever get you the result you need.

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