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How to remove 3:2 pulldown properly from 24p SD 16:9 NTSC footage (After Editing)

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Scott Fanson
How to remove 3:2 pulldown properly from 24p SD 16:9 NTSC footage (After Editing)
on Oct 3, 2012 at 8:26:13 pm


I'm currently editing a full length feature film and originally imported all the footage directly into final cut making the timeline become a 29.97 timeline, when the pulldown should have been removed before the fact. After much research I know that you can properly remove the 3:2 pulldown from the 24p footage after editing and can be done in compressor. I've tried a number of different compressions and seem to have the dimensions correct which is good. But the 16:9 footage when brought into iDVD or dvd studio pro it seems to want to make the footage 4:3 which is quite confusing and frustrating. I need to be able to get my compression settings correct so that i'm able to put this on a dvd properly. I originally exported the footage from final cut as DV/NTSC and made sure it was 16:9 coming out of final cut. The resolution is 720x480 but comes out as 853x480 as its dimensions and has a squeezed look to the video as it did on its timeline unless the preserve aspect ratio button was unchecked. The only way around getting the squeezed look to go away is to go through compressor and make sure that letterbox is turned off so that its a full screen. Even though its a large file size I compressed using apple pro res to get the best resolution I could, but I need the best results with the lowest file size since the running time is roughly 1:43:00. The footage looks good coming out of compressor, but for some reason even though its full screen 16:9 everytime it is brought into iDVD or dvd studio pro it wants to make it 4:3? what is the reason for this! I recently read an article on this problem and the reverse telecine option within compressor is used to remove the extra frames that final cut adds, and makes the video of better quality relieving the horizontal lines that are caused by the extra frames. I need help on this and I know it can be done because people have proof that it works but I can't seem to reach a solution myself. Thank you to all who reply much appreciated!

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Joseph Owens
Re: How to remove 3:2 pulldown properly from 24p SD 16:9 NTSC footage (After Editing)
on Oct 3, 2012 at 10:55:47 pm

A. Aspect ratio has nothing to do with 2:3 field cadence -- your problem (one of them) is interlace/progressive.

B. Standard Definition (NTSC) DVDs are all 720x480, but you can flag a 16x9 aspect ratio either in Compressor when you are creating an m2v transport stream, or flag it in DVD Studio Pro. I never use iDVD, and never compress in DVD Studio Pro. I always create m2v and ac3 streams in Compressor and import those into authoring programs (and I lean towards Adobe Encore for that).

853x480 is correct for "square pixels" 16x9 SD. The authoring software is supposed to take care of the anamorphic wide screens with a flag for the timeline.


"I always pass on free advice -- its never of any use to me" Oscar Wilde.

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Jeff Meyer
Re: How to remove 3:2 pulldown properly from 24p SD 16:9 NTSC footage (After Editing)
on Oct 5, 2012 at 2:09:19 am

This should take care of your widescreen iDVD issue:

Alternatively, use DVD Studio. It's designed to give you best results, and it's not rocket science to use. Do select the 16x9 Letterbox option instead of 16x9 Pan-and-Scan. 16x9 letterbox only applies a letterbox on 4x3 setups, but stays full screen on 16x9 setups. Unless you want the sides cropped off on 4x3 setups.

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