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Final Cut Pro 7, DSLR footage Canon EOS 550D, Sony Zoom audio, conversion and sound syncing workflow question

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Joan Lam
Final Cut Pro 7, DSLR footage Canon EOS 550D, Sony Zoom audio, conversion and sound syncing workflow question
on Aug 1, 2012 at 5:57:31 am

Dear someone helpful,

I would be very very grateful in any help in the following questions, sorry, there is like four questions… ☺

It all is about the best workflow with Final Cut Pro 7 and DLSR Footage filmed with Canon EOS 550D, sound has been recorded by Sony Zoom microphone. The files I have from 550D are .mov, 1920 × 1080, Codec: H264, Linear PCM, Color profile: 1-1-6. . I have converted Zoom audio to AIFF 48 000, 16 bit.

SO FAR, the workflow I have used is converting files in MPEG Streamclip to
Mpeg streamclip:
1) batch export
2) export quicktime
3) save new folder
4) APPLE XDCAM 1080P30 VBR (codec MPEG-2 Video)
5) Quality to 100%, 1920 x 1080 unscaled + turn off interlaced scaling

And then bring them into Final Cut. Pro 7 and edit, and export for a final product which usage is in internet (YouTube/Vimeo).

But NOW I am involved with a production, that might come out in the television in the future, and for that I re-checked the internet about what is the best way to convert the footage. I realized some critique on the conversion I have been using (the one up), and actually that the recommended would be Apple ProRes 422 codec (not sure what other specifications to use in Mpeg Streamclip, is this the best conversion actually?). So I understood how much the conversion I used before has been compressing the files.

Ok, now … if I had unlimited space to convert files to ProRes 422, I would probably convert to that (if that’s the best way?). But I don’t really have money to invest in a 4 times more bigger harddrive then so far. I remember in the past I used to work with offline and online edit, so you could first work with smaller files and then later with the good quality originals. So now a question to someone smarter then me. ☺

1. In case in this stage of the project, I convert the files in a way that the converted version would be around the same size as the original (I need to do a trailer, to show to the television), can I in the later stage, reconnect those lower resolution files to the better ones (Apple ProRes 422), or am I potentially creating a big mess to myself in future? (Lately we have been working on a project with a friend of mine, and we are having many issues of reconnecting, we are not sure why this is. Perhaps it has something to do with syncing the sound, unlinking the files, and linking the new Zoom sound with the video, etc… )

2. What is a good way to convert the files, the ProRes 422, or APPLE XDCAM 1080P30 VBR, or maybe something else or other frame rate?

3. Syncing issue… We have had some serious syncing issues with sound. Me and my friend have the same clips, she synced the zoom audio to the clips and took the original audio away, and then only linked the picture with the new audio (the zoom one). When I open her timeline, the picture and zoom are out of sync. This might have to be something to do with different settings of the project, or maybe something with reconnecting with the files, as when I reconnect, the Final Cut Project says there is some issue of MISMATCH OF FILES. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

4. Other thing with syncing the sound, a more general question then the one up. It seems like even I sync the sound, at some stage the sound becomes out of sync, like later on the footage. I am not sure if this has to do something with the different frame rate of footage and Zoom Audio. What is the best workflow to work with so that you could sync sound, and still keep the original sound attached to video, maybe syncing it before you edit in Final Cut, so it is all linked in advance? (Maybe that way we would not have the problem we have now with reconnecting, and mismatch)… I understood that Final Pro X can do that, but I am used to work with Final Cut Pro 7, and when I did something short with Final Cut Pro X, it kept on collapsing. Any recommendations on workflow with audio and DSLR footage, highly appreciated, and also does it matter what framerate / codecs those footages have…

I really hope someone to be able to help in this. Have googled a lot, but I find there is so many answers out there, and not particularly to this case perhaps… Thank you soooo much in advance!!

Kind regards,

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Michael Gissing
Re: Final Cut Pro 7, DSLR footage Canon EOS 550D, Sony Zoom audio, conversion and sound syncing workflow question
on Aug 1, 2012 at 9:15:40 am

Start with Shane Ross's tutorial on DSLR workflow and then move on to his tutorial on offline/ online workflows and then search within this forum for sync.

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