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Editing multicam codecs on FCP

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Leesa Carriage
Editing multicam codecs on FCP
on Jul 27, 2012 at 3:11:32 pm

Hi there creative geniuses,
Just wondering what the general consensus would be in the Cow community for both capture and sequence settings when editing a multicam shoot-HDV tape shot on a Sony A1P AND HDV shot on a Sony NX5 card using FCP7? Would like as high quality output as possible and using both a Macbook Pro and MacPro, 2.6ghz Intel Quad core xeon, 3gb ddr3 ram, 700gb hdd, mac OS 10.6.8 to 2TB exHD.

Have been experimenting but geting a lot of mixed results and just want something consistant, so if you can please help, I would be eternally grateful!

Also just wondering if anyone has ever experienced capturing HDV tape from the A1P into FCP HDV capture now, resulting in a series of random sized clips, rather than just the whole tape, to the point of missing a few seconds of footage between stopping and re-cuing the tape for capture? This has happened to me every time, bar 1, regardless of what the capture settings are and despite the fact that it is usually one long shoot without even pausing the recording and it is driving me batty having to find and re-capture the missing bits (and having so many small clips!)

So any advice on this one and I'll be forever in your debt! Thank you everyone for your time, consideration and help in saving my sanity!


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Shane Ross
Re: Editing multicam codecs on FCP
on Jul 27, 2012 at 5:52:25 pm

Well, the nature of HDV is that it is an MPEG-2 codec, and unlike DV, when the camera starts and stops, that breaks the MPEG-2 data stream, so capture stops. But I have heard of a setting to uncheck to have it capture the full tape. Not sure which that is...drat!

The main reason I'm responding is that the NX5 doesn't shoot HDV. That shoots an AVCHD variant, and the only way to bring that in is as ProRes.

Now, you can also capture the HDV as ProRes, there's a tutorial here on the cow on how to do that. And that will still make separate clips, but won't stop and start, and will actually get ALL of the media. The drawback is that it captures it as 1440x1080 those are the dimensions of HDV. While the NX5 shoots full raster you can't multiclip them. BUT, if you started and stopped one tape, you can't do that anyway. You'll have to stack on the timeline, or let PluralEyes do that for you (third party app that is really cool)

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Leesa Carriage
Re: Editing multicam codecs on FCP
on Jul 28, 2012 at 6:11:45 pm

Ah, yes ofcourse Shane you're right- re: nx5 AVCHD and I did know that, was having a momentary lapse of intelligence (at 4am on graveyard shift)!

And I do stack and fade or cut (depending on content) from cam to cam, so I guess the answer is really dependant on the specs for the final product. Ie: dvd vs net vs tv broadcast etc etc.

From everything I've read, it sounds like PR422 is the best codec compared to hdv so if I aim for the top and then down convert from there when needed.... Make sense?

I do love editing and am self taught so really appreciate all the advice I can get from gurus like you!

Great reading little frog blog too!

Cheers mate! You're a champion!


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