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EXPORT FROM FCP6: QT X adds scaling to frames before/after text/transitions while QT 7 does not!

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Adam Maurer
EXPORT FROM FCP6: QT X adds scaling to frames before/after text/transitions while QT 7 does not!
on Jul 13, 2012 at 3:28:53 am

Hey all!

So, in writing this, I solved the issue. But this post is for anyone who has, or will, deal with this problem... Because it was a pain in my ass.


So, I'm encountering this very strange issue with QT X that I have never before seen. I have been using QT 7Pro for... ever. I recently had to wipe my drive, and re-installed the OS. The OS (Snow Leopard) installed QT X.

Anyways, I played back the film I just recently finished in Quicktime X, and every time text or transitions begin/end (video exported from FCP6) the frame scales, or rather, zooms in by about 10% for about 3-4 frames, before it jumps back to normal, see here for a similar post that was unanswered:

I play the same file, which is a ProRes HQ file exported from FCP with titles, transitions, etc, in QT 7 and no problem exists. Certainly, there is no problem in FCP. As I said, I've been using QT 7Pro for some time now, and have had no problems with any exports. Solely, this issue is with my file (58.65GB ProRes HQ, 89min) interacting with QT X. I mean, it's ProRes. Why should this be an issue?

If I compress THAT SAME FILE to H.264 for any means of internet upload, the problem VANISHES. If I use compressor to make an .M2v file for DVD, the problem VANISHES. It seems to be solely routed in QT X and my master .MOV ProRes HQ export.


Anyways, If anyone has dealt with this problem before, seek no more. My theory is that QT X is interpreting the "metadata of the text and transitions" in a problemsome way. Not sure why/how this occurs, because I figured that once you export anything, it becomes a flat sheet of information. Apparently not so... MOV files must have some sort of markers written-in to distinguish when text or transitions begin or end. AND THAT MAKES SENSE. But, I never thought QT X would be any different at doing that than QT 7... And why it would make a difference...

Here's the solution: Add a new video track above all of your video/text/animations,etc. In that new track, drop in a text generator with... anything: a period, an asterisk, a $$$$ symbol, a line that says "QT X, I hate you"... and center it off of your frame into the grey area. The important thing is that YOUR ENTIRE SEQUENCE has some sort of "text-metadata", on that new track, incorporated for the entire TRT.

Now, when I play the file back in QT X, there is no problem. The entire file has "text metadata", and QT X is not distinguishing between text/no-text / transition/no-transition, so the jump (scaling/zooming) problem is gone.


Sure, one can say, well just use QT 7Pro. This becomes obsolete when you have other people playing your work on computers that most likely use QT X (because it's the default). This becomes particularly troublesome when you are submitting your film to festivals that want .MOVs for the master! Because, you know, they are probably using QT X.

I'd appreciate any answers to why this occurs! Thanks. Hope this helps someone.


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