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Video Files Held Hostage - How Can I Export Them?

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Steve Wilson
Video Files Held Hostage - How Can I Export Them?
on Jun 20, 2012 at 4:08:31 pm

I went out of town to shoot part of a project. Please stay with me here...this is a mess!

The TV station that helped me is not yet HD but DID have a Panasonic HD camera that we used to shoot interviews and video captured onto a P-2 card.

Then, because their server could not accept/hold and later export HD video, we exported the P-2 contents onto a Mac with Final Cut Pro. But I don't use Mac or FCP. I need the video onto a hard drive or a thumb drive or a DVD or ANYTHING that I can take back with me and edit on a PC-based system called Edius that also works off the time code that is attached to the video files and we can see in FCP.

Our first idea was to just use FCP to capture and then export the video files onto a portable, external hard drive...but we soon learned the hard drive had to be formatted for Mac. Of course, once we did that, I could not access anything with a PC.

Then, we decided to export as .mov files onto thumb drives. That would have worked except we found the thumb drive would not accept a transfer of any single file greater than 4GB. A couple of interviews are longer, so that didn't help.

So now, I'm going back home with the external hard drive formatted as Mac and all the FCP files loaded onto that. We do have access to a Mac laptop owned by one of my colleagues but here's the question:

Everything else we've shot is all is PC-based. We want to edit the project in PC-based Edius. How can we take the files on the ext hard drive, open them in FCP, and then export the picture, sound with split tracks audio, and the time code , in some fashion onto SOMETHING that a PC can read and we can use to edit? In other words, we want to preserve and export every element that FCP can now see so that we can use those elements to edit in PC.

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Shane Ross
Re: Video Files Held Hostage - How Can I Export Them?
on Jun 20, 2012 at 4:40:30 pm

If you plan on using Edius, do not in any way use FCP. Get a hard drive formatted Fat32. Backup the FULL P2 card to that drive. Take that drive to your Edius station. Edit from the P2 originals. I know Edius deals with that format.

Skip FCP entirely. You are only asking for trouble if you use it. A LOT of trouble...and time.

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cooper dozier
Re: Video Files Held Hostage - How Can I Export Them?
on Nov 5, 2012 at 9:13:34 pm

An easy solution to this is to download Parted Magic or Gparted live system ( can make you a Gparted USB stick from within windows, otherwise you can download the PArted Magic .iso and burn it to CD with, say CDBurnerXP (works on 7 too) or try one of the harder options to get it working from USB)

So you boot from that, shrink your HFS+ (Mac) partition and put in a windows one.

Mac can read and write HFS+, and read only FAT. Windows can read and write FAT but not HFS+. I think windows will also read EXT2, 3, or 4 (Linux). Linux can read all 3, and more you don't care about, and gparted can create, erase, and shrink (but not grow) HFS/HFS+.

So you boot the disk, shrink the partition (don't move the left edge or it will take forever), create a windows partition (FAT32 I guess has a longer addressing scheme so can have bigger than 4 GB files as other dude said). And then drag and drop your files. (I guess Parted Magic would work better here since it has a normal desktop environment, not just an ncurses interface to gparted.

I have to use Final Cut for my classes and I agree it can be a pain. Especially since I have discovered that the formats it generally can't play are the same ones the tape actually uses (the ones it 'captures'). Don't get me started on the absurdity of this situation....why I am even having to use tape? Ah yes, everything that isn't pure Final Cut workflow is sabotaged if I want to use quicktime formats (I don't, but I'm required to). This is only one of the ways Apple sabotages its users, but in this case, Final Cut is still 'industry standard' according to my school at least, so god forbid we explore anything else.

The M2T files I captured from the camera work fine in linux video players and Premiere Pro... why does Final Cut have this capability intentionally broken?

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