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Capture feature for trailer edit

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Jim Makichuk
Capture feature for trailer edit
on Jun 13, 2012 at 11:35:35 pm

I had done this trailer 5 weeks ago in an earlier post with bizarre consequences, scenes freezing, zebra effects and one scene which refused to show in QT movie.Piece is under 2 minutes. Not sure if it was capture, wrong codec or... something else.

Some clips were clean, some weren't. Action froze in last seconds of many clips.

So, I need to edit a trailer for my 87 minute feature done 30 yrs ago recently transferred to DVD from 35mm print. I chose ProRes before but am wary due to experience above.I captured single 87 minute clip thru streamclip to QT file that seemed to give me same troubles as when in timeline.

This trailer would be for youtube. Any suggestions greatly welcomed. I'm probably at just over beginner level.

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Grant Strac
Re: Capture feature for trailer edit
on Jun 14, 2012 at 4:18:27 am

One of my freelance gigs is company that remasters old 35mm film to disc and when we do this the company goes from film to digital file which is them put to disc by us or them. It's weird if they go straight through to DVD and if so you must be loosing massive quality. I would call that company and ask if they had a hard file not on disc you can grab this would save a lot of problems.

But first off the mpeg stream clip you need to open the disc and drag the info straight off the disc onto hard drive. First try and take one of the VOB files that is the feature and change the appendage to .mov. You'll get a question window saying are you sure, say yes .mov.
Sometimes this works some times it doesn't. If it doesn't still select the .vob video files, some flies are just menu or blank its normally the ones with numbers 1 & up. Try to open with quicktime, right click open with and if it does open export through that. Finally if all this is fails you use MPEG stream click but be careful of your settings.
It defaults the quality to 50% and most people miss that option, hell I did about 3 times and finally went why the hell is it that bad. So when you choose your compression in the window make sure you read EVERY option, drag the quality setting to 100%, check aspect ratio. Stream clip does not analyze the file it has presets it appends to anything. AND make sure the frame rate is 30 fps just like disc.
Export to full quality .mov and then make it pro res. your past problems where not because of pro res. If anything it was your original encode. WHen you are encoding with stream clip DO NOT do anything on your computer. If you open up safari you could cause a glitch in the video because ram is taken away and causes bottleneck of information. You start it and leave it alone till it's done. Even closing safari after initiating the encode could screw the file up.
You may of had issues with it in the timeline because your machine is not set up for what your file is. When you encode using pro res make sure it's aspect ratio and frame rate are the same as hard file and I assure since old it was made 4:3 so you need to manually check the pro res task with the inspector.

I would need more information to diagnose what when wrong because I can't discern the problem with the information proved. I need fcs version, os x verion, the dvd information 5 or 9 and frame size, all that stuff and detailed explanation of what went wrong

Grant Strac
Apple Master Pro Certified Final Cut Studio 2
Apple Trainer Certified Final Cut 6
Apple Level One Apple Final Cut 7
Apple Final Cut Optimization Certified

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Jim Makichuk
Re: Capture feature for trailer edit
on Jun 14, 2012 at 11:55:21 pm

I really don't know exactly how the 35mm print was copied, but the quality is far superior to the VHS version, even with dirt marks at head and tails of the 4 reels.

I'd be interested in the company you do work for, re: remastering 35 mm prints as I might need my own master for GB and France.

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