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Wacom Tablet with NLE?

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Stephanie Joan
Wacom Tablet with NLE?
on May 29, 2012 at 3:40:19 pm

I'm thinking of getting a Wacom tablet for use in video editing, but seeing as I've never used one, I thought I'd ask if anyone here could tell me their experiences using a pen/tablet tool with FCP (or Premiere for that matter). Is it a useful tool or more cumbersome than its worth? What size is best for editing?


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John H
Re: Wacom Tablet with NLE?
on May 29, 2012 at 5:43:51 pm


I used to be a big wacom tablet guy when it came to editing but when I got a an apple magic mouse my editing got even faster. I love the gestures on the magic mouse and "swiping" the timeline with a simple finger movement. I still use my wacom for detailed PhotoShop work. Some will say that you will have less wrist fatigue with the tablet but I haven't noticed a change when using the magic mouse.

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jon smitherton
Re: Wacom Tablet with NLE?
on May 29, 2012 at 10:54:18 pm

Hi Stephanie,

By all means get one!
I had an operation on a ganglian - a deformed muscle on my tendon - due to mouse work.
A good tip is to use it in mouse mode instead of pen mode - it saves you
a lot of time 'back tracking'.
I use the smallest Intuous 5 as it is easier to get around, has swipe functions and even the jog wheel works!
Also it has soft pen grip - I have a lump where my old non soft grip used to be on my finger.

Do it - you'll never look back.


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James Sullivan
Re: Wacom Tablet with NLE?
on May 30, 2012 at 2:32:40 pm

Once you get used to it I think using a pen and tablet is so much better. You develop muscle memory for where effects and menus are located. IF you tablet has a scroll wheel you can scroll with your left hand and land on clips faster. I am a klutz so I have both buttons on the pen activate the right click for all of your contextual menus. There are soooooo many mouse clicks in editing it is not even funny. The stress on your wrists and fingers should keep the carpal away for a bit longer. That and you get a pen to flip and play with...I have the "Medium" Intuos 4 at work and the "Large" at home. the smaller is better for editing all day.

Just my two cents,


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Joseph Hung
Re: Wacom Tablet with NLE?
on Jun 2, 2012 at 4:05:16 am

I am an avid Intuos 4 tablet user for NLE, AE, Photoshop, Illustrator work. I love it! Holding a pen feels much better than the mouse, it's more natural, and less clicking and more intuitive movements I think is best and more ergonomic. The Apple magic mouse is beautiful, and I love the touch interface on it, but it's far from ergonomic and doesn't even cradle your hand. I use the mouse when I'm typing (adding notes in the Browser, Word, Excel, etc.) or surfing the web. Everything else is the pen and tablet. I use the medium sized one, it's perfect for me.
On the pen, I have one button set for right click, and the other for scrolling. Makes scrubbing down timelines a breeze. And of course coupled with a keyboard and shorcuts, you will be working very fast.
It does take some getting used to though, but it won't take long.
I've been playing around with the new Intuos 5 and it's touch interface. Similar to using a Magic Trackpad or a Magic Mouse. Trying to teach my fingers to dance has taken some time. I find that the double tap everytime you want to scrub the playhead or grab a clip to simply move it is counterintuitive. But with time I'm sure anyone can get used to it. However, the biggest drawback from the touch interface is that your fingertip is less accurate than a pen tip I find. Moving a clip or length of a clip a few frames is not very easy with your fingertip. It's fast and pretty accurate with a pen tip though.
Highly recommend the tablet/pen setup, your wrist and hand will thank you.
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