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Where is my clean audio? SMH!

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Chuck Purnell
Where is my clean audio? SMH!
on Apr 29, 2012 at 1:44:42 pm

I am trying to figure out an issue with my audio. I shot an event the other night and I had the mixed audio from the board coming to the camera on Channel 1. I was wearing good headphones and could clearly hear the audio was good and mixed. Because I have been screwed in the past with the audio ops not giving me ambient sound of cheering and applause after the performers leave the stage, I left my shotgun potted up on channel 2 during the entire show. Now that I have my footage all ingested in FCP 7, it appears I am only hearing my shotgun mic and not the clean audio. I tried muting each track to see if I can hear which is the better track of audio and they both sound equal. I even took channel 1 and made it Mono and panned it to the center point so I can hear it in both ears and it still sounds like the shotgun mic. I DEFINITELY was getting good clean audio fed to me I am just not hearing it.

Any thoughts?

I didn't use pluraleyes but this is similar where I was trying to delete the reference audio (shotgun) and keep the clean (mixed audio) but everything sounds like the reference audio. At one point the audio almost sounds out of sync. This is confusing me why I am not hearing the clean audio and all I hear is my shot gun ambient room noise. Yes, I was definitely getting the clean audio on Channel 1 and getting good levels as well.

My camera was only recording 2 channels of audio...Line level from the board on Ch1 and Ambient Room noise from the shotgun mic on Ch2. In FCP, if I mute or deleted or potted down Ch2 audio, Ch1 will sound just like Ch2 for some strange reason and I can't figure this one out! I even muted Ch2 and took Ch1 and panned it to the center position to hear it out of both ears but again it sounds like the shotgun mic and not the mixed audio.

I will post this in the audio forum as well...


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Neil Patience
Re: Where is my clean audio? SMH!
on Apr 29, 2012 at 2:53:07 pm

If your camera was only recording 2 channels of audio and you have listened to them both independently and they are the same then there are only really a couple of possibilities.

Either you were not recording what you thought on the night and somehow ended up with shotgun on both. (where were your headphones being fed from?)

Or there is some issue with your audio connections during capture and somehow you are getting audio 2 on both tacks but this seems much less likely.

What if you ignore FCP and just playback the tape/file of the rushes ? What do you hear then - that will tell where the problem lies. If you have only 2 tracks and they are the same there, it suggests you were not recording as you thought.

best wishes

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Chuck Purnell
Re: Where is my clean audio? SMH!
on May 1, 2012 at 6:09:00 pm

Okay I don't know what happened but I was able to find the good audio. Although I had audio from the board coming in Line level into Ch1 into the camera and ambient room sound coming in from the shotgun on Ch2, once I ingested my footage into FCP, it switched everything around. On the timeline Ch1 and Ch2 was my shot gun and my Good audio was on Ch4! The only way I found that out was I dragged a clip straight to the timeline and saw my audio tracks fill up with the waveforms! I was able to just look at that and see which one was my good audio!

Another issue I ran into was I had set my camera to shoot 1080/30p but it recorded 1080/60i instead. So I took all my 57 clips and ran them through MPEG Streamclip and converted them to 1080/30p but when I dragged the converted clips to the timeline, I am guessing MPEG Streamclip somehow mixed all 4 channels into 2 channels which resulted in my not being able to figure out where the clean audio was!

My fix: I laid the video of the converted 1080/30 clip down on the time but used the audio from the 1080/60i clip that had the good audio from the get go. It synced right up and now I am good to go.

This is a big job for one of my biggest clients so I am glad I was able to locate that good audio because this was about to be a major nightmare!!!

Cre8tive Minds Entertainment, LLC

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