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Converting TDT and MTS files into FCP 7

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Shawna Talbot
Converting TDT and MTS files into FCP 7
on Apr 14, 2012 at 3:37:59 pm

Hello, I'm a new Assistant Editor for a small documentary and usually I actually log and transfer all of the footage myself, but they've already done that here, but they've put some of it in a .TDT and .MTS formats.

I've had little experience with these formats. I'm currently installing FCP on all their new computers so I can't test which ways are best to get the highest quality from this format myself just yet.

Anyone have any good and free converters for this? Once MPEG Streamclip finishes download I'm going to try that, but really any hints to make this faster would help me a whole lot.


EDIT: Also, feel free to call me stupid and that it's not something that needs to go into FCP. Because I'm not sure it is. I was basically given a huge hard drive and was told: FIX THIS! It all needs to go into FCP! And I may be just taking ALL to literally.

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Shane Ross
Re: Converting TDT and MTS files into FCP 7
on Apr 14, 2012 at 9:43:27 pm

[Shawna Talbot] " but they've already done that here, but they've put some of it in a .TDT and .MTS formats."

You can't log and transfer to those formats. So they did something else. Actually, .MTS is a tapeless format, AVCHD. Meaning that it hasn't been converted yet. I don't know what .TDT is, other than some data format. Do these files appear inside a certain file structure? Or are they loosey goosey in some odd folder? If they are in a specific file structure, they might be AVCHD, in which you can use Log and Transfer.

If they aren't, then you will have to try other solutions. I know ClipWrap2 works with .MTS. It isn't free, but there is a demo.

If someone hands you a bunch of files but doesn't know where they came from, or what the file structure should be...unless YOU know a lot about these file types, there's not much you can do. I've been handed files from a client that a DP gave him. The DP didn't copy over the full card structure, they just grabbed what they thought were the video files deep inside the file structure of the cards. Threw all these files from multiple cards into a single folder. It was a mess, and it took a lot of time to get them to work...sort of. Some were lacking audio, some didn't convert at all. The DP messed up, BIG TIME.

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Shawna Talbot
Re: Converting TDT and MTS files into FCP 7
on Apr 15, 2012 at 12:30:48 am

Thanks for the reply! As I dug in deeper into the hard drive I did see the MTSs were part of a AVCHD tapeless camera. (It's also been awhile since I've worked with anything other than P2 cards) I had been told that all the footage had been logged and transferred already so that's where my initial confusion came from!

Once I figured that out I was able to log and transfer everything into Apple Pro Res (Thank GOD they still had all the files, even the empty folders.)

I was going to come back and update this to say so but got busy organizing every thing. But while you're here I just wanted to thank you! The tutorials you have really helped me a lot when I was first getting really into this business!

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