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in a predicament-multiple formats, frame rates, one timeline.

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Brad Jenkins
in a predicament-multiple formats, frame rates, one timeline.
on Feb 6, 2012 at 5:29:19 am

Would appreciate any help that can be offered.
I'll be working on a job on set doing video assist giving reference multilayered compositing (using fcp 7) to the director while he's shooting. And ofcourse speed and efficiency is expected by a demanding director.
Here's my problem, on set I'll be capturing 720p 59.94 with AJA I/O HD and was planning on using apple pro res (proxy)
I'll need to incorporate other media into this project for fcp multi layering.
production has given me a couple quicktime clips which are h264 24frame rate and 960x540
and about 10 clips of helicopter footage they shot that was recorded on SD sony clamshell deck.(in helicopter they have to downconvert hd to SD clamshell to view immediately and I cant get the hd media)
today I captured the helicopter mini dv tapes into fcp to make files 720x480 ntsc 29.97 .
I need all these formats to play nice on the next shoot day in my 720p 59.94 apple pro res (proxy) project.
I want to convert the h264 960x540 w/ 24 frame rate and ntsc 720x480 29.97 to 720p 59.94

And of course everytime i change something on the timeline I dont want to have to re-render (or let me put it this way, I wont have the time to re-render)
btw, at home I have final cut 6, wont have access to the fcp 7 machine until the next shoot day. At home I have compressor 3.0.5 and quicktime pro 7.6.9
I'm not seeing the options that I think i need. Damn this is ugly.
What is my best option at this point. (and I know getting all the media in the same format and frame rate is the best way, but I dont get that luxury like you editors :)
Please help
thank you

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João Manuel Tocha
Re: in a predicament-multiple formats, frame rates, one timeline.
on Feb 6, 2012 at 7:59:03 am

I would transcode everything to 720p 59.94,(Apple ProRes LT) it's what you will get on the set, so everything needs to be in that format in order do reduce any renders time.
Create in compressor a droplet to automate this conversions.
Identify really well all your files, it will save you a lot of precious time, create a good folder structure inside your hard drive and inside Final Cut.

Simulate what you think it will be your operation on set.

Good luck.

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Brad Jenkins
Re: in a predicament-multiple formats, frame rates, one timeline.
on Feb 6, 2012 at 6:58:40 pm

Yeah, I'm trying to transcode. Never really have done it before, not familiar with Compressor. But one things seems odd, in fcp settings when I try and set to 59.94 it seems that fcp wants it to be at dvcpro HD and and not Apple pro res. Also if I transcode files at home to Apple pro res (the normal pro res in fcp 6 not HQ) ( I dont have pro res LT or Proxy at home system FCP 6) will these files need to be rendered when I put on system on set with the LT or Proxy project on set. The guys who system Im using on the day tells me i should set it to pro res proxy on set because its more efficient in on set enviornment. Remember video assist is just reference for director on set, so quality is nice but doesnt have to be the best.
And unfortuneately I cant get to the other system until the day of the shoot.

Im just starting with HD and have always just used Ntsc 720x480 when everything was nice and easy :)

Can anyone else offer info?
thank you

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