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Final Cut Pro Project stalls, won't open...

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Mary Juric
Final Cut Pro Project stalls, won't open...
on Jan 24, 2012 at 6:03:57 am

Out of no where am getting this problem where a final cut project I've been working with for a while (it's only 23mb) will stall at 38%ish, then once it gets past that, will open but take 5 or 6 minutes to get there. Once I've got it open, if I try to copy a sequence into a new project, the project seizes up and I have to force quit every time. I can cut and copy small portions of clips but if I try to copy a sequence it seizes up.

I've gone through and deleted all the render files and disconnected the two external drives that were connected to my imac that contain the media I've been working with but can't get past this problem.


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Michael Gissing
Re: Final Cut Pro Project stalls, won't open...
on Jan 24, 2012 at 9:29:53 am

Couple of thoughts. Try opening the last autosave and see if that is alright.

Also try exporting an XML of the project once open and then see if you can then open that without problems. If so then save as a new project and keep working or see if you can copy paste to a whole new project.

Do you have any plugins/ filters in the timeline that are not on your system. this might happen if the project file came from another system where that plugin might have been installed.

Use Digital Rebellions free tool to backup/ trash and restore preferences and repair disk permissions (ie standard maintenance when things go strange in FCP)

Also did you delete render files manually or using render manager from within the project?

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Mary Juric
Re: Final Cut Pro Project stalls, won't open...
on Jan 24, 2012 at 11:12:24 pm

Thanks for the info.

I tried opening the last auto save project but had the exact same problem, stalls, takes 10 minutes to open, crashes if I try to cut and paste anything.

I last used the project on another system at work in July, but have been working on it at home since then. There may have been plug ins I've used in the TL that are no on my home system.

I deleted the render files manually and using render manager.

To save my working sequence, I've been cutting and pasting it in 12 min increments into a new sequence in a new project, trying to do pieces any bigger than that will crash the project. But as soon as this sequence was being added to the new project I started, instead of the project opening instantly, I had 3 other sequences in the project, it had slowed down substantially when opening. I wonder if I'm just going to have to trash this timeline that something is very corrupt somewhere?

I'm exporting the xml of the project now to see if that will work, thanks!

I've also already trashed the preferences and repaired the disk permissions, none of these things helped the problem.


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