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FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour

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Corbin Crawford
FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on Dec 17, 2011 at 10:37:18 am

Hello Community,

Lately I have been experiencing a bit of a hiccup in FCP (Studio 7).

The problem has to do with pressing play (spacebar) to view media on the timeline, what happens is more often than not the video will start playing and the audio will kick in about 0.5-1.5 seconds later. When the audio does start, it'll start from where I started the video. This means the video and audio play out of sync. However, if I go one frame forward or back and press play again, both video and audio will play together correctly. It just seems to have this delay if the media is stopped for anything over 10 seconds.

What I can discern of this problem then, is that it isn't a case of the video / audio being out of sync. I am thinking it is either a memory thing, something that went awry with updating to Lion, or something generally software related that I just am not skilled or experienced enough to find.

It's REALLY annoying, to say the least. I Work with all formats, all compressions. It's rendered if it needs to be rendered, but currently the project I am on got imported into the timeline without needing a render. It's a perfect compression (its from SKY so...).

I'd be very grateful for any help. IT isn't stopping me working, but I am sure you can all understand how time consuming and infuriating it is for the audio to lag itself continually as I work.

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Cary Tobey
Re: FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on Jan 18, 2012 at 6:54:43 pm

Corbin... THANK YOU!

You described my issue almost exactly with some additional quirks.

Anytime I play a sequence with either the spacebar or the player controls at the bottom of the canvas window, I get a delay in the audio that varies from very minor to sometimes almost a full second.

If I hit stop, wait one second, and then hit play again, the delay stays constant.

However, if I click anywhere else in the timeline WHILE THE SEQUENCE IS PLAYING, the lag either reduces dramatically or goes away completely. If it's still not quite right then one more click somewhere else in the time line will usually get everything to match up... Until, of course, the next time I stop the playback.

I was experimenting and nested the composition once with NO AUDIO MIX DOWN and again WITH AUDIO MIX DOWN.

The delay issued goes away completely in both nested sequences, regardless of mix down or no mix down. The audio starts right in with the video.

But.. I can't independently edit the various clips one it's nested without going back to the original sequence.

That's very helpful for playback but sucks for editing.

For now I have to drag the TLI down the original sequence and scrub the audio in order to match edit points to the music/voice track.

I am quite disappointed no one has responded to your question. I will continue to search the forum to see if this has been answered elsewhere.

Meanwhile, if you have figured out the problem since your original post would you please reply with what you've learned...

Thanks again,


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Corbin Crawford
Re: FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on Jan 18, 2012 at 6:59:43 pm

Hey Cary,

I've had no luck in sorting this issue as of yet. I've kind of grown used to it the way one grows used to tinnitus. Glad to see I'm not the only one trying to figure this out.

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Cary Tobey
Re: FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on Jan 18, 2012 at 7:09:16 pm

Well bummer...

Thanks for replying. I will keep seeking an answer and If I do learn anything I will let you know in this thread.

Please do the same if you magically find the fix.

Thanks Corbin.

BTW... My issue also began following the upgrade to Lion...


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vasko stojanovski
Re: FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on May 2, 2012 at 11:46:21 am

Hi guys,
i have the same problem some time now. I even installed Lion and fp and media composer 6 but there is still a delay in the audio

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Jeff Baker
Re: FCP LAg / Delay or Otherwise Odd Behaviour
on Aug 20, 2013 at 1:37:08 pm

Hi, I have recently started using fcpx and I am encounter this delay or lag issue when scrubbing or starting playback on the timeline and in clips libary. Is there a setting or other hardware issue I could check?

I'm on a 2011 Mac Pro with internal apple raid and did not have this issue in either fcp 6 or premiere pro which also run/ran on this mac. I have the import ingesting this achd 720P footage as optimized and the audio fix boxes are also checked.

I don't see any settings that might be of help. I really is hard to edit, especially trim with this behavior.

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