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Edit "In Point" in Multiclip not where it should be when opened in Viewer.

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Willis Woods Jr.
Edit "In Point" in Multiclip not where it should be when opened in Viewer.
on Nov 30, 2011 at 5:10:39 am

I am having difficulty with a multiclip in FCP. And although I am working in an earlier version of FCP I have the feeling that the problem would probably be happening in a later version as well, so please chime in even if you are working in a later version. In a day or so I will try the project in FCP 7.0.3 and see if my hunch is correct. In the meantime I am on a G4 with FCP 5.1.4.

The short version of the story is that I have marked the individual "in points" on three separate merged clips and assigned them angles of A, B, and C. In the Browser I have command clicked the three merged clips highlighting them and then chosen "Make Multiclip" from the "Options" menu. The Multiclip appeared in the Browser and I double clicked it, opening it in the viewer. Three of the four quadrants had picture in them as expected but the "A" angle was not positioned where it's "in point" was marked. "B" and "C" were where they should be however. So angle "A" although marked as the other two were, consistently shows up positioned about nine seconds later than its "in point". It obviously plays out of sync with the other two angles. I have confirmed that the "A" clip has the proper "in point" by playing the it in both the viewer and in a sequence.

Any advice as to why the "A" angle is ignoring it's edit "in point" in the Multiclip and is further offset by nine seconds or so? Any one else even experienced this before?



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Jerry Hofmann
Re: Edit "In Point" in Multiclip not where it should be when opened in Viewer.
on Dec 3, 2011 at 4:46:17 pm

I've never used merged clips as sources for a multi clip, and suspect there's a bug in there... I'd suggest you NOT use merged clips, but use the audio track you're merging with as one of the source clips, or export one of the clips as a self contained movie with the audio you're wanting to use. Then when you bring that export back in, sync it to the two other cameras, and only switch video, using the exported clip's audio as the audio track. But it should work fine just using the master audio as a source clip for the mulitclip, and not switching the audio.. just the video.


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Willis Woods Jr.
Re: Edit "In Point" in Multiclip not where it should be when opened in Viewer.
on Dec 19, 2011 at 3:16:09 am

Thank you for your answer Jerry. I really appreciate it. Much as you suggested, I aligned the double system sound to the camera guide tracks and then unlinked the camera guide audio from the video. Then I linked the double system audio to the video and dragged the newly linked clips up to the Browser. I exported this merged clip as a Quicktime and when finished, imported the Quicktime back in the Browser. I did this with the other two camera's clips and "multiclipped" the three of them together. I dragged the mutliclip from the browser to the sequence, double clicked it to open in the viewer and it all worked more or less fine from there on.

Many thanks!


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