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Final Cut Pro 7 - YouTube 720p Export Settings

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Dylann Bobei
Final Cut Pro 7 - YouTube 720p Export Settings
on Nov 2, 2011 at 10:40:20 pm


I know this question gets asked a lot and I have scoured the webs for all different sorts of answers, but I'm hoping to get some sort of definitive method when it comes to exporting videos for the purpose of uploading to YouTube.

I record gameplay videos from my Playstation 3 console using an Hauppauge HDPVR and the program EyeTV. I export from EyeTV in HDV 720p and bring that large file into Final Cut Pro 7 for editing. Once I finish editing, there are a few methods I have tried. I have tried exporting directly from Final Cut Pro 7 using the "Use Quicktime Conversion". I used Quicktime Movie as the format and got less than great results and then I tried MPEG4, changing the codec to H.264 and got perfect results. However, the file size is still 1.4 GBs for about a 13 minute video.

Is it possible to achieve excellent quality results that will rival some of the best gameplay videos out there, while keeping the file size under 1 GB? Because the only hitch I'm finding with my whole process right now is that the YouTube upload time is horrendous. I'd like to cut that down if at all possible.

Is it better to use Apple Compressor? I tried, using settings I got off of a tutorial on the web, but I found the video quality to be less than if I just used Final Cut Pro 7. Can anyone give me a break down of the settings and method to use to end up with a smaller file size than 1.4 GBs, but maintaining excellent quality of the video? Or let me know if this is not possible? My video length is usually 12 minutes to 15 minutes per video I am uploading, fyi.

Thank you very much in advance.

- Dylann

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Joey Bergbrand
Re: Final Cut Pro 7 - YouTube 720p Export Settings
on Nov 3, 2011 at 11:46:27 am

In FCP go to File, and above Export you will find the Share option.
In the share menu you have options to export for iphone resolution, dvd and also: Youtube (720p).

The great thing about the Share function is that after it renders, it can automaticly upload it to your youtube account.

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Leigh Pugin
Re: Final Cut Pro 7 - YouTube 720p Export Settings
on May 2, 2013 at 1:46:15 pm

I am working in FCP7. My sequence setting aspect ratio is HDTV 720p.
Compressor Apple ProRess 422.

I would like to export the video as an mpeg4, size 1280 x 720.
I have tried exporting as ProRess 422. The quality is great, which is what I want, then I convert to Mpeg4 via Mpeg Streamclip.
The video gives me playback problems. It is not a perfect motion.

I have also tried to export directly as a MPEG4, the same issue occurs. PLAYING THROUGH VLC playback issue occurs. The Pro Res setting works perfectly with quicktime, but the video has to play for perfectly on DVD players, windows pc's etc.

Any assistance would help?

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Jorn Bergmans
Re: Final Cut Pro 7 - YouTube 720p Export Settings
on Nov 3, 2011 at 12:11:01 pm

Hello Dylann,

Personally, I find rendering h.264 a horrific process out of FCP itself; as you said the results will more often than not be less than optimal.
Then again, the HDV codec is not quite the optimal codec to use in editing for any purposes except when you're on a HDV camcorder.
There's a heap of things that can go 'wrong' when using HDV as it natively uses a 1.33 pixel aspect ratio to store HD video (at 1440*1080 as opposed to 1920*1080) while your captured footage will probably be square pixels (as you are recording off a 'computer' which uses 1920*1080 HD)

I would suggest, if possible, to export out of EyeTV using the ProRes codec; Apple's own intermediate video codec ; it also produces big files but is a fulL HD compatible square pixel codec.
Usually I tend to work in ProRes and have FCP render out a ProRes file, then converting that to h.264 in MPEG Streamclip ( ), because I love that little programme; it gives an excellent image quality with a very easy-to-use interface. (it uses the same QT components as your ProApps will tho, so it's more an interface thing for me)

For HD video I would suggest setting a limited data rate to about 5000kbps, for SD about 2000 or 3000 kbps. (you can set this in Export using Quicktime Conversion in FCP)
Whether you are encoding to .mov in h.264 or .mp4 should not make a difference; both the .mov and the .mp4 container are fully capable of containing h.264 video. (in fact, .mov and .mp4 are nearly the same container, with just a few slight differences)
When in doubt, I usually refer people to the Vimeo help section; they have a pretty clear-cut list to work down for exporting videos to upload on Vimeo. You can find it here:

hope that helps


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