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Audio popping mystery

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Erik Hogan
Audio popping mystery
on Oct 27, 2011 at 5:32:45 pm

Hey everyone...

I can't find anything on this happening to anyone else, please help!

I am running Final Cut Express and am currently in post production on a short film I produced this summer...

There is a sequence in the movie where the guy says the same word 16 times in a row in RAPID succession for comic effect....and each shot is a separate shot of him saying the word is at different times while he is driving in a car talking to someone.

Now, when I first edited the sequence there was that slight popping noise between each audio transition to which I cured with a little 'audio cross fade 0db' (which I use throughout the entire movie and it works beautifully, problem solved!) The first rough cut of the movie I edited in one giant SEQUENCE in that PROJECT.

In an effort to keep everything clean and organized for the final cut...I managed to separate the movie into 8 SEQUENCES and started a new PROJECT called 'Whole Movie' to which I threw all 8 Sequences into. That way I can just open up 'Whole Movie' on which SEQUENCE I want to clean up and work on. Great. And I am almost done...

Here is the mystery...

The particular SEQUENCE that has that car scene with the rapid fire succession of the word...sounds great when I click on that sequence and play it back. If flows beautifully with no popping between audio transitions thanks to cross fade. HOWEVER...

When I play the movie as a whole in 'Whole Movie' (With just the 8 SEQUENCES back to back) That audio popping in that scene is as blatant as the day is's as if the cross fades disappeared. I click on that particular SEQUENCE to find the problem...the cross fades are there...and when I play it back within the sequence sounds great. Click back to 'Whole Movie'... pop, pop, pop.

Is this just a playback error or will those pops show up when I export 'Whole Movie' ? Or should I just drag everything when I'm done back into one giant sequence?

Let me know!


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Jerry Hofmann
Re: Audio popping mystery
on Oct 27, 2011 at 9:38:25 pm

Try mixing down the audio. If that fails, then try exporting it, then cutting that exported file into your sequence.


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Michael Gissing
Re: Audio popping mystery
on Oct 27, 2011 at 10:13:49 pm

An alternative is to just make a file of that dialog edit and drop it back in.

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