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Noob workflow questions - can I pick your brains please?

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Mark W
Noob workflow questions - can I pick your brains please?
on Oct 3, 2011 at 2:08:41 pm


I'm editing a two camera shoot which will have about 3.5 hours of final edited footage so I need an efficient workflow in place before I start, so I'd like to pick your expert brains please.

Using two cameras I have a close up and wide shot of the same footage (a guy talking to camera - very simple). The lapel mic audio is mono and recorded on the wide shot reel. The close up reel has the shot gun mic recording background audio - just for reference.

The presenter claps before each take - so I can sync up the two different camera angles. The camera operator generally hits start/stop at the same time on both cameras but obviously both reels are not synchronized perfectly.

Basically I want to show the wide shot most of the time, then occasionally cut to the close up for variety, back out to the wide etc.

With the above in mind, I have the following questions please:

1) Whats the best way to sync up the wide and close shots? At the moment I have the wide on top of the close so the wide is the default shot showing. I'm trying to figure out a way to see the presenter clap his hands together on both reels so I can line them up?

2) Whats the easiest way to cut between the close and wide shots? I have the wide on top of the close so that's dominant. The audio I want is on the wide. Use the razor blade? When I tested the razor blade I noticed it's cutting out the audio track on the wide shot which I don't want to happen - so if I use the razor I need to unlink the clips.

3) The lapel mic audio on the wide shot is currently mono only - how do change it to stereo?

Thanks very much.

Apologies - I accidentally posted this in an FCPX forum.

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Mark W
Re: Noob workflow questions - can I pick your brains please?
on Oct 3, 2011 at 2:19:53 pm

[Steve Connor] "You could change opacity to 50% on the top clip, I take sync cues from the audio waveform though

Thanks Steve, syncing up the audio is the better idea which I'm now doing.

[Steve Connor]
You could use the razor blade, or you can position the playhead on the cut point and press "command B" to cut the track.I would have the wide on the bottom and the close on the top, although as you say you could "Detach Audio" if you wanted to keep the wide on top

As I'm running with the wide shot 80% of the time I'm trying to minimize the number of cuts I make. So given that I assume I'm better off running the wide on top and unlinking the audio?

Is the razor blade the best, easiest way for me to cut back and forth between the wide and CU with two tracks on top of each other?

BTW - when I press 'command B' on the timeline I create a new bin.
[Steve Connor]
Select the clip and in the audio tab of the inspector there is a channel configuration setting"

Sorry, can't see which option you're referring to? I select the audio clip and look in audio tab in the trimmer - but I see no channel configuration options?

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Bret Williams
Re: Noob workflow questions - can I pick your brains please?
on Oct 3, 2011 at 3:07:18 pm

Your wide is dominant and should be V1. Place the CUs on V2 and cut them away That's how I do it. I always want my master track to stay complete. I'd sync the tracks up with waveform/visual clap until it's close, then listen to both audio tracks at same time. I'd move the track back and forth a frame or two at a time until there's no echo effect and it sounds solid, like one track. The turn off the secondary audio clip (ctrl b) so it's there for ref. You might find the add edit cmd better than the blade and more convenient. Highlight the clip, press ctrl v to cut at playhead. If you don't want to highlight, it follows the autoselects, so only have the one track autoselect on and just ctrl v without highlighting.

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Mark W
Re: Noob workflow questions - can I pick your brains please?
on Oct 3, 2011 at 4:14:23 pm

Thanks Bret, that all makes sense. Essentially keeping all of the wide on the timeline - then cutting away all of the CU's on the timeline other than those CU's you actually want to show.

Regarding combining a mono mic track into stereo. The consensus seems to be to center pan the track rather than duplicate. I just center panned and the master volume is now showing two tracks instead of one, but A2 is still effectively 'empty' and not moving? Only A1 is.

Is this normal?

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