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Audio clips' in and out points have been randomised?!

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Sonja Vanhum
Audio clips' in and out points have been randomised?!
on Aug 23, 2011 at 4:18:01 am

I am working on a film in which the all the external, sound recordist audio has had to be synced to the camera clips manually (by me) by trial and error and a vaguely similar timecode. It's messy.
Recently as we were consolidating our files onto a fewer number of drives, I put ALL of my sound files into one place for consistency and convenience, onto a new hard drive. When I reconnected the media (all of my audio clips) to the same files on the new drive I thought this was be a simple "Ahhh that's where they all are!" from FCP but it was a much longer and more tedious process than expected.

What baffles me is that almost half of my files, with seemingly no pattern of relation, have been reconnected to the right source files, but with the completely wrong in and out points of the media! So I might have the right take for the audio to match the visual, and even the right clip duration, but a completely wrong section of the audio clip! I have no idea how this happened! The only similar questions I could find involved answers about matching frame rate between the clip and the timeline. I have not changed anything and fps should all be consistent. How do I check this?

Even if I went back to an old timeline, it seems as though reconnecting the media would have the same effect and mess up the clips.
Is there any way to rectify this and get back my old in and out points for each audio clip? Or a tool that allows you to drag your in and out point selections while keeping the space between them (duration) consistent in the viewer window? If i just open it up one end at a time I get the problem with Media limit.

Please help, I'm getting desperate!

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Jonan Grobler
Re: Audio clips' in and out points have been randomised?!
on Aug 23, 2011 at 5:51:49 am

Did you change format or length of audio clips when consolidating? This would really confuse FCP, even if the contents and file names remained the same.

You can use the slip tool (Shortcut: S) to to drag the in and out points while keeping the space between consistent. It's an arduos process though. Obviously, the best would be able to get hold of the original audio files.

Unless these are the original audio files you're working with. But it more sounds to me like you're not, as you say you're getting the Media Limit message.

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Sonja Vanhum
Re: Audio clips' in and out points have been randomised?!
on Aug 23, 2011 at 7:01:50 am

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The weird thing is, no, I haven't done anything to the original, sourced audio files but move them to a different hard drive. How that changed the data is beyond me.
There is a timecode associated with the clips, which is how I worked out the media start and end points had changed and not the in and out points I'd set.

I am going to use the slip tool to manually re-sync the audio, as you suggested, as it can't be any more tedious than the syncing I've had to do in the first place to find the right audio files (it was not me who logged the original files, many people have come and gone on this project and the classification of all the files is all over the place.) The media limit message was only when I tried to extend clips already in the timeline (and hence they butt up against other clips). Using the slip tool keeps the duration the same thereby avoiding this problem! I haven't used it before so wasn't aware it did that.

Thanks again!

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Stephen Kennedy
Re: Audio clips' in and out points have been randomised?!
on Mar 6, 2012 at 12:11:39 am

Damn, I have this exact same problem.
Just moved an entire project over from desktop to laptop to take it on the road, haven't changed any files, just opening everything up on a new machine. All the sound files are completely all over the place.
This is maddening. Will take ages to re-do everything, or slip everything into place.
Does anyone know a way to solve this? Or what has caused the problem?

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