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Interlacing and format issues with 5D footage

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Melissa McLeary
Interlacing and format issues with 5D footage
on Aug 4, 2011 at 2:29:26 am

I'm editing a trailer for a documentary which is yet to be cut. The project was filmed over 12 months on a 5D. Most of the files I have been given are H.264 Quicktimes at 25fps 1920x1080i, square pixel aspect. However some files have already been transcoded to Apple Intermediate Codec 25fps 1920x1080p, with a square pixel aspect. Other files have been transcoded to 1440x1080p Apple Intermediate Codec 25fps with a pixel aspect of (HD 1440x1080). These files have unsightly interlacing lines whenever the subject of the image moves.

Further some footage has been transcoded to Apple Intermediate Codec 960x540p with a square pixel aspect. The colour information in this footage is noticeably compressed. I have not been given the original H.264 Quicktimes or the SD card dumps with the original file directory structure.

Does anyone have any tips for removing interlacing lines from footage that has been incorrectly converted to progressive? I've tested making Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080i files from the Apple Intermediate Codec 1920x1080p footage in Compressor. The result is free from visible interlaced lines but is noticeably softer.

Does Apple Intermediate Codec have any benefits over Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or (LT)? Aside from smaller file sizes?

Should I upscale the 960x540p AIC footage to 1920x1080i Apple ProRes (HQ) or edit in a 960x540i Apple ProRes (HQ) timeline?

I had hoped my finished edit would be 1920x1080 HD with uniform-looking footage, delivering on DVD. However if the project receives funding the footage will have to be suitable for broadcast.

I would really appreciate any tips for removing the appearance of interlaced lines, and whether to upscale all footage to 1920x1080i or if I should edit in a 960x540 or 1440x1080 timeline instead.

Thank so much for your assistance!

I am editing Final Cut 7.0.3

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Michael Sacci
Re: Interlacing and format issues with 5D footage
on Aug 4, 2011 at 2:55:35 am

If your footage is from a 5D why are you using interlaced, it has been shot progressive.

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Shane Ross
Re: Interlacing and format issues with 5D footage
on Aug 4, 2011 at 2:59:19 am

Apple Intermediate codec is a lossy codec. Saying "less than ideal" is an understatement.

ALL of the media was transcoded improperly...most worse than the rest. If this was ALL 5D footage, there should be ZERO interlacing, as the camera doesn't shoot an interlaced format. And all of it should be it shoots full raster only. 1440x1080 is thin raster, or anamorphic. 960x540 is an odd format to say the least...not standard by any means.

And Apple Intermediate was the absolute wrong codec for this. Guessing it was trancoded by someone who doesn't have FCP 6 or 7...might only have Final Cut Express. And there might be different cameras involved.

Personally I'd ask to have it all converted again, properly. yes, I know that means a lot of footage. But you must tackle these issues now, and not when you are trying to online and are faced with even worse issues.


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