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Capture Frame size & Audio Setting, MPEG Stream Clip Compression & frame size & FCP Project settings

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karl slater
Capture Frame size & Audio Setting, MPEG Stream Clip Compression & frame size & FCP Project settings
on Jul 30, 2011 at 5:06:43 pm

Hello All, I wonder if you can help me please? I will try and make this as simple as possible,

Basically I want to record a hour (+) program from my standard sky box and put it on to a standard 4.7 GB DVD in after chopping it (the adverts) to be played in the UK ( not US)

I am going from my sky box (scart) to DVD recorder ( Toshiba D - R 1SB) coming out of that with a 3 jack lead ( red & white audio, yellow video) to USB EMPIA CAPTURE 1.0.0b18

These are my Empia capture setting & options:

Record, Video Settings, Adjustments = Defaults
Compression type: MPEG 4 (I can change this, eg: DV PAL, PRO Res
422, HDV ETC)
Motion: Frames Per Second: 25 (I can change this)
Key frame every..... Frames= blank
Limit Data rate to..... KBtes/ sec= Blank
Empia: USB Bandwidth= 100 percent
Horizontal / Vertical Offset: 0
Quality= Best
Auto detect input and format= yes
Source= Empia Composite

Record, Sound settings, Compression= None
Sample Rate= 48.000 kHz
Size= 16 bit (not 8 bit)
Use= Stereo (not mono)
Speakers= off while recording
Volume=100 (highest)
Gain= 150 (highest)
Source = DV Audio USB 2861 Device

Select Video Frame size = 640 x 480
Custom size: width x height

Note: Digitizers that restrict widths and height may not honor the exact dimensions typed. USB vision devices require a multiple of 4 columns wide and 2 rows heigh.

The frame size 640 x 480 seems to work well!

if I go to custom and change it to w 720 x h 576 for example at this stage the message says: " the frame size does not have the standard width to heigh ratio of 4 to 3. The capture may not be scaled correctly." and when I try and open open the capture "Movie could not be opened! not a movie file"

  • So I think I am better staying at 640 x 480

  • Record, = Full size (Quarter, half, full, double size, full screen I think this is just the view/ size of window)

    Record Duration= 5 hours

    Note: The movie will be recorded until this time has elapsed.

    Record, set up Auto name = off

    Are all these capture settings correct ? or should I change the compression type?

    If I capture a clip using these setting then bring it in to Final Cut PRO 6.0.6

    and drop it in to the time line I am prompted to " change sequence setting to match clip settings"
    if I click yes and go to the sequence settings = 640 x 480 NTSC 4:3


    If not I have got MPEG Stream clip Version 1.9.2 (1.9.2)

    Which I can use to "export to QT, and

    change the: compression: (?)
    : Frame Size: 640 x 480 (4:3)
    854 x 480 (16:9)
    640 x 480 (unscaled)
    720 X 567 (DV PAL) etc

    I am using compressor version 305 & DVD Studio PRO 4 version 4.2.0

    Should I just start a new sequence with settings: frame size, 640 x 480 aspect ratio 4:3
    compression of sequence matching the compression
    of capture ?
    E.G DV PAL

    I just want to know how to get the sky broadcast (roughly 1 hour) in the best quality (full screen, no dropped frames, in sync etc) the simplest and quickest way on to DVD ?

    I don't think I have the option to make the sequence settings HD, (HDV PRO RES 422) as my version of DVD PRO has problems with HD so SD will be fine I think.

    I just want to use the equipment and software I have got really and not have to download / upgrade etc.

    Sorry for all the detail

    Many thanks in advance

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