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Reconnecting Media Issue / Project Backup

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Brittany DeLillo
Reconnecting Media Issue / Project Backup
on Jul 20, 2011 at 1:13:01 pm

Alright. We got a sizable amount of footage from the Director yesterday. All of it was shot on 3 5Ds and a 7D with one to three cameras being used at once in any given shot. Each clip has a reel number when I open it in Log and Transfer usually along the lines of "Card_001_A_Cam", "Card_001_B_Cam", etc. I'm importing and encoding the footage to ProRes422(HQ) and keeping the original clip name and adding Scene, Shot/Take, and Angle notes.

My first big question is regarding how I'm storing all this media. We have a Buffalo 6TB Terastation TS-XEL 396 set with a RAID5 array. In the past we have merely used G-Tech Drives which I know aren't ideal but it got the job done, and files could be moved around easily. The Terastation is running on a LAN1 network and I access it the same way I would access our local server or another computer. Is this ideal for Final Cut Pro editing? Should I switch back to the G-Tech, since it seems a more immediate connection?

Second. When I look at my clips in the Browser, some are missing the Reel name. If this information is there when encoding, why does it disappear after?

Third. I had some files transferring overnight. Low and behold when I check on them this morning, all my media is disconnected and some won't reconnect unless I choose "Continue" in the "File Attribute Mismatch" box (which I'm also weary of). The main attribute giving me problems is the Reel name. Why is that? It's the one thing I haven't touched throughout the whole process.

Thanks for any and all help.

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Diego Lopez
Re: Reconnecting Media Issue / Project Backup
on Oct 22, 2011 at 5:18:22 pm

This thread is related to the problem you're having

I've had the same issue and haven't been able to solve it or consistently re-create it. It is very frustrating

We have a server connected via LAN, and it works well for editing, but we haven't been able to discern if the storage method is related to the problem. I tested this theory yesterday by L&T the same footage from/to a local drive and separately our server, and the reel name came through in both situations. A different project on a different system created clips that were MISSING the reel names, so the server doesn't seem to be the problem.

We haven't really had a problem with media being disconnected after L&T, but we used to have problems with reconnecting media when it was moved to different drives. We solved this by re-naming the clips upon ingest in L&T using "Custom name and counter" and setting the custom name to match the reel name. As long as you name your reels something unique using a naming system (ex: PROJECT NAME_DATE_CAMERA ID_CARD#), then you'll always know what reel it came from and what clip it is (by using the counter) because no other clip should have that same name ever.

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