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Consolidate/merge/render soundbites FCP7

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Bob Schwenkler
Consolidate/merge/render soundbites FCP7
on Jul 2, 2011 at 12:53:47 am

HI All,

I'm an audio person who's just been getting into doing some film mix work. I'm working with a fellow in town here and he's been giving me his audio in OMF format. This has been working well except for in particular instances. One instance is when he's time stretched a soundbite, the new soundbite is apparently not rendered or rebuilt when he's exporting to OMF. There are some other types of edits or processing that he's performed are causing issues for us as well. The result is I end up with a project that has a number of soundbites that are, basically, screwed up.

To the point: He says that in previous versions of FCP he knew the command to rebuild/render/consolidate/merge (terminology varies dramatically depending on software) one or more soundbites. He doesn't know how to do this now, can anyone give me some guidance that I can pass on to him?

Let me know if what I'm describing doesn't make enough sense, I don't know how to describe this in Final Cut, or even video editing terminology and I've already had some miscommunications with him for this very reason.

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Pratul gaikwad
Re: Consolidate/merge/render soundbites FCP7
on Jul 2, 2011 at 1:55:52 pm

bob i couldnt get what exactly the problem is.
Basically OMF files do not have anything to do with the video effects or for that matter videos at all.
If you know the exact places where the problem is arising, then see the audio format of those audio files.
Which software you are using?
there are two types of OMF files OMF1.0 and OMF2.0, see which one suits for you.

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Bob Schwenkler
Re: Consolidate/merge/render soundbites FCP7
on Jul 3, 2011 at 10:52:55 pm

I'll explain the issue we're having in a little more detail, but first I want to say that there is a theoretically very simple solution to our problem, but we don't know how to do it. Imagine an audio track with a number of soundbites on it. In FCP7, how can one select a number of these soundbites and merge or consolidate them all into one, new soundbite, which is written to disk. Analagous, I think, to rendering a video effect. Also, without having to bounce/export the audio and reimport it into the project. Pro Tools has this command, it's called Consolidate or Consolidate Regions, Digital Performer has it and it's called Merge Soundbites.

So, if it's not clear by now, what I'm referring to is an audio problem, not video. Here's a more detailed description if it's relevant, but really, I'm just trying to find out what I've described above. I also have only done a pretty cursory troubleshooting process, there are definitely more variables I haven't eliminated.

I'll try to lay it out a little better: Other person has a video project that's been edited together, the project includes panning and volume automation, which is why we're trying to work with OMF.

He exports his audio to an OMF project. I import it into Digital Performer 5. At this point, certain soundbites within my version have issues. Some show up, waveform display and all, but have no sound. Others have sound for part of the sounbite and then nothing.

Things we know: some of the problem soundbites have been time stretched within FCP. My assumption is that FCP performs and plays back this processing nondestructively (ie. a new, stretched soundfile has not been written to disk) and this is not able to be gracefully written into the OMF file.

The remainder of the soundbites I'm not sure about but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a similar issue going on.

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