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Duration Calculation

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Scott Houston
Duration Calculation
on Jun 20, 2011 at 5:12:13 pm

In trying to nail down a related problem regarding syncing midi files to exported clips - I have come across an issue found in the timing tab of a clip properties window that I don't understand and was hoping someone could enlighten me on ...

When I subtract the in from the out time of the example clip from this screen shot, the duration I come up with is, not That duration calculation seems wrong on every clip in the project, and not by a consistent number of frames.

I assume FCP does that calculation based on the TC settings of the clip and/or sequence (which I checked and confirmed all match at 29.97 df).

Any info concerning this apparently wrong calculation is greatly appreciated. Just trying to nail down inconsistencies in my troubleshooting of the sync problem I'm having,


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Jerry Hofmann
Re: Duration Calculation
on Jun 20, 2011 at 5:32:31 pm

The clip is reporting non drop TC... not drop frame. The duration is real time represented by the semicolons and what drop frame code would produce.

Has nada to do with your sync problem. That's the real problem any way...
What is the source of the audio, it's format and recoding process? What are you trying to sync it to video wise?


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Scott Houston
Re: Duration Calculation
on Jun 20, 2011 at 6:24:20 pm

[Jerry Hofmann] "What is the source of the audio, it's format and recoding process? What are you trying to sync it to video wise?"

The audio was recorded to a DAW (Performer) synced with LTC to the cameras, then sweetened and mastered, then brought into FCP as a Broadcast wav, and it syncs perfectly with the video across over 6 hours recorded that we now a cutting into multiple smaller clips. That worked perfectly.

While recording, in addition to the audio track, Performer was also recoding the MIDI info from the piano performance. Within Performer the audio and MIDI tracks are synced perfectly.

What I now need to do is deliver a midi file that syncs perfectly (i.e. has a frame accurate start point) to the edited, finished vid clip from FCP. To do that I am trying to determine the exact in and out point of the audio clip in FCP so that I can then (back in Performer) use that as the start and end time for the MID clip. That should create a midi file that is perfectly in sync, and exactly the same length, as the vid clip.(in theory I guess...)

When I use (in the example above) a start time of 10:44:05, the resulting midi file is late 15-20 frames (varies from clip to clip using the same technique).

Maybe that "In" point isn't the correct data to use? I just need to nail down what timecode in the audio file equates to the start ( of the finished FCP vid clip, and I thought that clip 'In" point was it.

I sure appreciate the help.

Mooooo ..... :-)

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