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Duplicated sequences also duplicated nested content

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Brian Murphy
Duplicated sequences also duplicated nested content
on Jun 2, 2011 at 7:10:12 pm

Oh man, just when I think Final Cut was the way to go, here's yet another frustration I simply don't get. The way links are handled between nested sequences and assets - it's certainly not like After Effects, which, as a Motion Graphics artist, makes logical sense and is the right way to do it...

Instead, I have a sequence with a nested sequence. The nested sequence is perfectly set up the way I need it to with many layers sized and positioned perfectly. The Main sequence containing this nested sequence was then duplicated because there are many sections that require the nested sequence as the base layer. To my major frustration and disappointment, duplicating the sequence also duplicated the nested sequence inside so trying to change the master nest sequence did not show up in the new duplicated main sequences. I did not realize this until I was done with the project, containing 6 more duplicated main sequences. Now I'm pissed.

I have 7 duplicate nest sequences that would be totally insane to go in to each one and make the changes I need to....not going to do it.

Is there not a simple replace feature allowing me to go into each duplicated sequence and replace the duplicate nested sequences with the original one? Seems that would be a no brainer for software like this. I tried dragging the original nest sequence to the duplicate ones but It just adds it to the timeline. Keep in mind the nested sequence is cut up into pieces along the timeline so I would have to replace each cut, which is fine, I just need to replace with the original nest. Help!


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Jerry Hofmann
Re: Duplicated sequences also duplicated nested content
on Jun 2, 2011 at 7:30:03 pm

If you copy a nest, it loses it's relationship to the sequence it came from... If you place the sequence back into a sequence (re-nesting it), it retains the relationship. It's just the way the software works. Good thing too, sometimes you DON"T want to change all nests at one time... But not understanding this behavior was you're problem.


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Brian Murphy
Re: Duplicated sequences also duplicated nested content
on Jun 3, 2011 at 5:52:07 pm

That's VERY unfortunate. If the software makes a copy, it can get very messy with multiple copies - Final Cut should at least add a number to the end of a new nest that it creates so the user knows it's not the original.

That just doesn't seem very "Apple-intuitive".

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