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printing 24Psf to HDCAM 29.97i

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Nook Kim
printing 24Psf to HDCAM 29.97i
on May 29, 2011 at 1:30:59 pm

Hi cows,

First time doing this exact workflow, so I wanted to make sure that I understand this correctly.

I'm now digitizing some footage shot in HDCAM 24Psf, and I'm asked to make a DigiBeta copy and a HDCAM copy with matching TC.

My plan is as following:

1. Drop the digitized footage onto a 24Psf sequence that I had created via the Easy Setting already.

2. Switch the timebase in the sequence setting to 23.98Psf.

3. Set "Video Playback" under "View" to 1080i 29.97.

4. Print it out to HDCAM and DigiBeta (letterbox) via Kona 3 with
starting TC as 01:00:00:00

Please advice me if you see any of above incorrect.

Thanks for your time!



Nook Kim

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Jerry Hofmann
Re: printing 24Psf to HDCAM 29.97i
on May 29, 2011 at 2:58:00 pm

You need matching timecode... matching what? the camera masters? If so what you propose won't match the camera master's TC.


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Nook Kim
Re: printing 24Psf to HDCAM 29.97i
on May 30, 2011 at 7:54:22 am


Thanks for your reply, and sorry that I wasn't clear with my need. I was just matching TC's in between the HDCAM 59.94i tapeout and DidiBeta tapeout. I was going to print 29.97 on HDCAM, but the deck had only Psf setting for the fps. Though I found out that 29.97Psf and 59.94i are the same thing for HD, I went with the 59.94i since I hadn't work with 29.97Psf. I double checked the TC's on both tapes, and they matched. No worry no more ;-)



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Thomas Aschenbach
Re: printing 24Psf to HDCAM 29.97i
on May 31, 2011 at 2:18:36 pm


Just wanted to clarify one thing. Psf 29.97 and 59.94i are not the same thing. While the data stream and two field format of the sdi are similar, the interlace format instructs the display device that each field, 59.94 of them per second, were all taken at different moments it time. 29.97 psf means there are 29.97 frames which were taken at individual moments in time evemn though stored as two fields. If viewed on LCD, which has any motion interpolation since they are all progressive by nature, the 29.97psf will not receive the processing while the 59.94i will. Also FCP will not put a normal 3:2 pulldowns on psf since it has no field. You should not use HDCAM 29.97psf unless you shot 30p.

Tommy Aschenbach

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