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sony hvr s270u & FCP 7 with P2 and MiniDV tapes, time code errors

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harold anderson
sony hvr s270u & FCP 7 with P2 and MiniDV tapes, time code errors
on Apr 14, 2011 at 4:36:53 pm

What I've Done
I hope the following is clear. I've been in contact with Sony. They suggested a firmware update for the Memory Recording Unit. I did the update but the fix only worked for a short period before the problem reappeared. Thanks so much for your time. This forum has saved me countless times :)

Searching this website, lead me to this post but it's a little old and I wanted to see if anybody else is still having the problem.

The Problem prior to MRU Firmware upgrade
The problem we are having occurs when we record simultaneously to both tape and CF card and the recording goes longer than 1 DV tape. For example, let's say we're recording a 99 minute lecture. We currently have External Record Control set to off, so we begin recording to tape, followed immediately by beginning the recording on the Memory Recording Unit (MRU). The MRU's timecode syncs with the camera's as it should when it starts to record. 64 minutes later, the camera screen notifies us that the tape has run out. Both the MRU and the camera display however continue to show that the MRU is still recording to CF (as it should) as the timecode on the MRU (not the camera) continues to count up. We insert insert a new tape, close the door. This is when the problem occurs. At this point, the MRU's timecode was just counting up (independent of the camera) and read something like 66 minutes... however once we hit record on the camera and it begins recording to tape again, the timecode on the MRU is reset to sync up with the camera, so it now will read something like 2 seconds and counting. However the MRU did not "end" the clip and create a new one, it still is recording the first clip... but has reset the timecode during the middle of the recording. We continue recording to both until the end of the presentation at minute 99, and then stop them both.

When we try to Log & Transfer the CF card data... Final Cut only recognizes one clip, but sees the clip's duration as a full 99 minutes. As we begin transferring the data... it will transfer up to about the 64 minute mark, at the point of the tape change, and the give us an error... usually "Error: No Data." Had we not put another tape into the camera and just recorded to CF through minute 99, it would Log & Transfer perfectly. Also, if you plug in the MRU via firewire and Log & Capture, the MRU recognizes the entire clip perfectly and will play back all 99 minutes for the computer to capture.

The Problem Post MRU Firmware Upgrade
New Problem:

We have flashed the new firmware. Now during a tape change... the MRU increments the clip count (as it should) and everything appears fine on the camera. When we go back to Log & Transfer into Final Cut Pro... it will only show us the 2nd clip. The data from the 1st clip is definitely on the card (we've found it and used it used 3rd party software to convert from M2T to MOV) but Log & Transfer only recognizes the second clip.

Note: this problem (before and after we upgraded the firmware) does not occur when you set the "iLINK - Down-Convert to DV" setting on the camera.

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Matthew Langmead
Re: sony hvr s270u & FCP 7 with P2 and MiniDV tapes, time code errors
on Apr 28, 2011 at 10:49:55 am

I have had exactly this problem, has anyone a solution?

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harold anderson
Re: sony hvr s270u & FCP 7 with P2 and MiniDV tapes, time code errors
on Apr 28, 2011 at 8:38:16 pm

Sony Support could not provide a fix and forwarded the information on to Engineering. I'll update this thread once I get more information. I'm glad I'm not the only one.


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