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How to reingest high res media

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Santiago Rivera
How to reingest high res media
on Apr 10, 2011 at 12:43:08 am

Hello, this is my first post, I ve been reading you guys for a year now, and as I could not find a correct way of doing this, Im writing this question.
My problem is that I am editing some clips, a basic editing ( just cut and reagrouping clips) so the producer may know the total duration of each episode, and the screenwriter can write new VO. This clips are scenes from 2002 to 2010, we are making a 12 episodes special called "the best of..." those years. The thing is I dont have the clips in 720x486 ( thats the final size), but in 320x240 in wmv format. They want me to "pre edit" in order not to do that again when the high res come.
I tried using "media Manager" to make an offline, and exporting and reimporting an EDL or XML( with a hig res file I found) just to see if it works...but it didnt. The media re imported turned out to be the low res files with the name of a high res file. The other problem is that the wmv files wont match the high res files, differences of 8 frames in duration , and not the same TimeCode. Is there a way I have not to re edit 12 episodes, clip by clip :(
Sorry for my english, I know it lacks of accuracy in terms of technical issues.

Thank you very much in advance guys. You've been my school for a long time

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Bouke Vahl
Re: How to reingest high res media
on Apr 10, 2011 at 8:51:14 am

Download a copy of FCPreconnect from my site:

Read the manual. There is a lot of info in it about how FCP relinks.

Basicly, it does not matter if the duration of the high res file is a bit off, as long as it is longer than the material used.
You will get a warning that there is a mismatch (as there is), but the relink will be fine.

However, file names MUST match (this is where my app comes in).

But i wonder, how do you edit with WMV in FCP?
And, how did you manage to get Timecode / Reelname onto WMV?
(FCP reconnect cannot read wmv files....)

smart tools for video pros

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Santiago Rivera
Re: How to reingest high res media
on Apr 10, 2011 at 4:37:05 pm

Thanks Bouke for the tutorial, I think Im going to try fcpreconnect to see if that works. The problem is that the HighRes media has names like this "000458B47" and from that clip I extract 2 clips or sometimes 6 clips that are separated scenes for differente episodes. So I wonder if I will have to rename that long number into "0000458B47 clip3 for ep1" and do the same for the wmv. I will be duplicating 6 Gigabytes clips for each scene (that would have to be renamed in separated folders). I think the best way is to re edit by puting the converted wmv into the same sequence and "matchframing" clip by clip ( its going to take me the same time).

To work with wmv files ( the worst format to be working in mac I guess) I had them converted to the format I had to work, IMX 29.97 30Mpbs 720x486, just in case I had both low and high res video in the same timeline I would not have to render.
Converted using MPEG Streamclip thru flip4mac codec.
Thank you very much, I will try fcpreconnect

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