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Magic Bullet Instant HD plugin issues

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chandra hope
Magic Bullet Instant HD plugin issues
on Mar 19, 2011 at 2:44:43 am

Please know I realize people have discussed the Up_rez issue already. The past posts I found on this particular plugin are very old.Even the workflow I found from a few years ago is not correct according to the Red Giant Support team. I am hoping people who actually use the Plugin will be able to help me out since RedGiant can't.

I just purchased the most recent version of Instant HD (I bought the entire Magic Bullet suite)

The plugin works great in AE. so simple to use and looks great for what I use it for. But I cannot get it to work in FCP.

Here is the work flow the support people at Magic Bullet told me to do.

1. Create my HD Sequence I want the final to work in: my Sequence setting are as follows: 1920x1080 HDTV 1080i (16:9) Pixel aspect ration: Square Editing Time base: 23.98 Compressor: apple prores 422

2. Take my SD file (720x480 29.97) and drop it on my sequence time line.

3. Drop the InstantHD plugin on the SD clip.

This should result in a clip that is uprezed to my 1920x1080 settings. But this will NOT work.
I am usually pretty good at this stuff, so I have no idea what I am missing.

In after effects I simply drop the plug in on the clip and tell it the size I want it to be. Its awesome and actually looks great (well after some color correcting and such to hide the fact it has been uprezed)

When I do the mentioned workflow my end result is still a 720X480 SD clip floating within my 1920x1080 sequence, but the image has been blown up, or becomes very zoomed in on one area of the clip. (so its still in the 720x480 bounding box but now zoomed in on say a persons head instead of the whole scene) I tried rendering to see if that would change anything, when I render the whole image goes away and it renders to a bunch of gibberish and messy lines. So something is VERY wrong.

I did try nesting the sequence and throwing the plugin on the nested sequence, this kinda worked but looked horrible. It looked the same as if I just stretched it out by hand. In AE it really looks decent. Plus its way too time consuming for this project and will become a mess. The Red Giant People told me I should not have to do that, it should work directly on the clip.

Can anyone Help? I am so frustrated, I am thinking it has to be a simple solution. I hope :)


Has anyone used this plugin in FCP, if so can you tell me your work flow? I have hundreds of clips to deal with and I don't have the time to run them all through compressor. I need to just get editing and go.

My back up plan is to do my edit and after my shots are selected and approved I will go back and uprez the individual SD clips I use in compressor or MPEG streamclip. But since I paid good money for this plugin I would like to figure out how it works. I have talked with support and opened a support ticket through Red Giant but no one has gotten back to me or been able to provide an answer.

and I have re-installed the plugin twice, still no go. I used several clips from various projects just to rule out a corrupt clip/

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walter biscardi
Re: Magic Bullet Instant HD plugin issues
on Mar 21, 2011 at 1:19:51 am

We have this plug-in as part of a suite we purchased and the video always looks very soft and muddy to me when using it. Not really sure what you're doing wrong, as it's pretty straightforward here. Just drop the filter on and go.

But for all our up-conversion we use the AJA Kona boards since they look incredible and it's all realtime. If you have a lot of up converting to do, it's really the only way to accomplish this and have superior quality.

FYI, After Effects has a much more intelligent rendering process hence the same filter will look much better in AE than it does in FCP.

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chandra hope
Re: Magic Bullet Instant HD plugin issues
on Mar 21, 2011 at 1:43:24 am

thanks for the response. I need to use the plugin since all the footage I am upconverting just came on a hardrive, so need for decks or cards.

I had a friend try the same plugin and he had the same problem. I think I will just have to bring the footage in through AE, or switch back to using Avid as I have plugins that work better in Avid.


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Casey Clark
Re: Magic Bullet Instant HD plugin issues
on Dec 6, 2011 at 11:17:49 pm

hi chandra,
i'm net to magic bullet and i'm currently having the same problem as you. did you ever find a solution? i can't seem to find anything.

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