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16 problem tapes seeking FCP assistance

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Chris White
16 problem tapes seeking FCP assistance
on Mar 10, 2011 at 12:35:55 am

Apologies for the long post, but this is a multi-part problem.

A year into editing a feature length doc, I've realized that 16 HDV Master tapes (out of about 140) were originally dubbed to SD copies incorrectly (wrong aspect ratio 4:3, wrong timecode.) Having logged and captured from the SD safety copies for the offline, and edited using these incorrect dubs in dozens and dozens of sequences, I'm left with 16 irrelevant tapes thoroughly embedded throughout multiple timelines across multiple projects.

Now that the problem has been caught, and the tapes redubbed correctly (correct aspect ratio 16:9, new correct TC), I have multiple questions about filtering the old "bad" tapes out of my timelines and filtering the new "good" tapes into my timelines. (I figure the best way to move forward is to keep the "bad" footage online, and replace it as I edit with the "good" footage. Eventually all will be replaced.)

PROBLEM 1: How do I indicate or filter out the "bad" footage:

• LABELS: I want to label all the "bad" clips red. However, I notice that the clips already in the timelines do not adapt the color change. Why not? Is it because I am using multiple projects? (I have the "Show Clip Labels" checked.)

• A BIG "X": I want to add a big "X" to each clip name (and rename to file to match the clip name too). If I see the "X" in my timeline, then I know the clip needs to be replaced. But again, the same problem, the "X" doesn't show up in my already edited timelines. It's as if any changes I make to a master clip, do not filter backwards to previous edits (again, across multiple projects.)

• REEL NAMES: Sure I could just keep a list of the reel names at the ready, and replace the footage as I need to, but I would like to keep the same reel names for the new "good" footage. (The tape names indicate shoot dates). And even if I did add an "X" to all the bad reel names, I would have to click "Item Properties" to check each individual clip, another tedious step in an already tedious task.

• ASPECT RATIO: You would think that I could just keep an eye out for the 4:3 footage and replace that, but the problem is that I have plenty of other footage that is 4:3 and is supposed to be that way.

The goal is, that eventually, as we head towards locking picture, most if not all of the footage will have been replaced. And I'm looking for an easily visible way to recognize the "bad" footage.

PROBLEM 2: Replacing the footage

Once I figure out a way to "label" the bad footage in my timelines, there is the problem of replacing it. I don't want to eye match, but I fear that's the position I'm in.

I was thinking I could create an "auxilary TC" for the "bad" reels, that shows the "good" TC. At least this will allow matching via TC. However I don't have any experience with auxilary TCs. Any advice?

Any and all suggestions to this puzzle will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance and thanks for reading this long post.



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Jerry Alto
Re: 16 problem tapes seeking FCP assistance
on Mar 10, 2011 at 6:49:58 am

Chris- Finish your approved rough cut sequence(s) in each project (without graphics or audio mixing). Start with your original project. Select the faulty clips in the browser>right click>label>choose your color. Every faulty clip in every sequence in that project should now be marked in the chosen color (I tested it in one of my projects).

Do that with each project.

Now you have a final rough cut sequence with marked faulty clips for each project.

Import only the corrected clips that are to be used IN THE FINAL SEQUENCE of a project. Put them in a separate bin. Right click and label those scenes a different color. In the viewer mark the correct in and out of each replacement clip. The length should be an exact match of the clip it is replacing. Right click your first replacement clip and copy. Go to the sequence and right click the clip it is replacing and choose PASTE ATTRIBUTES. And you are on your way.

Obviously, the tough part is the time codes. If you are lucky the erroneous time code on the bad tapes all started with zero. Double click the first bad clip in the sequence. In the viewer it will give you the in and out and the length. Now you'll need to find the in on the first replacement clip used from that tape. The difference in code FOR THAT TAPE will be the same for every clip from that tape.

Its late and my eyes are starting to cross. Someone may have a better solution but this is where I would start.


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Sony Z-1

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