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Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro

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Andriy Toloshnyy
Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Mar 1, 2011 at 11:52:20 pm

Here is proxy workflow for Arri Alexa Log C ProRES sources using Color to apply LUT and rendering to a proxy format, and a custom applescript to arrange rendered proxies with it's original source names.

Import original LogC media to FCP, put it in a sequence and send it to Color.
Then in Color select File -> Import -> Display LUT… and choose the LUT file provided.
You can generate more custom LUTs on Arri website, they have a web app for it.
Set the desired proxy format in SETUP room in Project Settings tab.
Add all files in Render room and render it. Click yes in the warning dialog to render it with the LUT.
Use File -> Export -> XML.. to export an XML file from Color
Run Bluebell script, select the XML and the folder you what to put your proxies. It will rename rendered files to it's original names and move them in the chosen folder.
Color preserves the reel name and timecode of original files, so you free to edit proxies and later reconnect original LogC files for grading.

Feel free to improve the script, source is included.

Andriy Toloshnyy,

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Jeremy Garchow
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Mar 2, 2011 at 4:39:46 am

Bad ass, Andriy.

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Andreas Kiel
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Mar 5, 2011 at 10:40:44 am

Hi Andry,

Really great work.

I may give some suggestions.
You should place the OSAX in the global /Library/Scripting Additions. So all users can have access.
If you got the Apple Xcode installed, create an empty Apple scriptable application which does nothing, not even launch. This app will be your bridge to ObjC and you don't have to use to script Automator anymore -- which will always launch and this is a bit annoying.
Alternatively you can use the app attached which does the thing described.
tell application id "SFTU"
return call method "path" of (call method "URLWithString:" of class "NSURL" with parameter theURL)
end tell

So you can rename the app to any other name you like in your installation.
With the installation things you might have a look at Iceberg. It's easy to use, free and will help the users not to worry about what has to be copied where.

Anyway great work.


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Greg Hobson
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Jun 2, 2011 at 6:25:52 am

The Bluebell script step isn't working for me. I've tried it with three different sequences from Color and when I choose the xml I always get this message:
alias "Mac OS:Users:administrator:Documents:Color Documents:Sequence 14 test:Sequence 14 (Color).xml" of <> doesn't understand the <> message.

Any suggestions or bugs I need to work out?

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il chino
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Dec 8, 2011 at 5:39:34 pm

Greg, this is probably too late, but may be of interest to others

I just tried this out and at first I got that error. You need to install the XML tools for it to work.

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Felix Bach
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Jan 18, 2012 at 2:32:42 pm

the lut works basically fine. however i get a slightly greenish picture applying just the lut, which however can be easily corrected in color before starting the render process. dont know if this is connected to the logc files or the lut.

a more severe issue is connected to the xml file you export from color after rendering. when i put all 7 hours of log c into the timeline, xml turns out to be 16mb and the bluebell script obviously cant handle that. it always comes up with an errer message after a while ("classXMLc of missing value" cant be read). dilemma!

because having rendered for pretty much 24 hours, i couldnt figure a way, to shrinken the timeline within color while preserving the render files in order to get a smaller color-xml to create proxies from. i tried to import shorter timeline variations which i created in fcp in the same sequence, then exported as xml and used the xml file incolor with the reconform option. and this does give me the desired selection (half an hour instead of 7) of my timeline in color, all bars still appear green and rendered but if i now export and xml from that and throw it into the bluebell script, i get no proxy but original filesize and the bluish filter the logc files have. so nothing changes, somehow the render files get lost in the reconforming process. suxx hard.

after soendingt half a day on this, i threw away my 150gb of renderfiles and started all over, now i create timelines with log c files uf max up to 30 minutes. hope this will be fine.

however this cant be the proper way to do it i think. can anyone help here? is there a better script than this blueshell one? and is it normal than in every single process this script turns on the automator without doing anything with it really? and is it normal that timeline sizes shouldt exceed a specific length?

first time treating alexa footage on fcp and trying to setup workflow for a feature documentary being shot this year. any help appreciated.
thank you.

best regards,

felix bach

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Felix Bach
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Jan 18, 2012 at 3:27:30 pm

Using the provied script from andriy i now produced a timeline in fcp with just the first four log c files (4 from 169, thos 169 just being the result from the first four days of approx 30 shooting days), i sent that timeline to color, adjusted setting to get 422 proxies and corrected the previously mentioined greenishness and rendered that. the xml file exported from color afterwards ran well in the bluebell script and produced the first three clips before it cancelled the process due to a "zeitüberschreitung", which in english would be an error message something like "sry process timed out". so clip 4of4 was never created. i dont know how to proceed. very frustating workflow so far. im considering now working without proxies and just use antler fcp plugin to work with the log c files. but its still strange. transforming each single clip seperately cant be te solution......can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

thx in advance,

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Andriy Toloshnyy
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Jan 18, 2012 at 7:12:06 pm


Actually this workflow is a dead-end because of FCPX.

I wrote it because I had to work with ALEXA footage in FCS3, but I am not a programmer at all - it was the first and only applescript I wrote so far ))).
The source is there and you can play and adjust it as much as you can.

Currently I am interested in AVID/FLAME workflow for ALEXA...

Good luck,

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Felix Bach
Re: Alexa LogC proxy workflow for Final Cut Pro
on Jun 14, 2012 at 11:26:42 am


Appreciating so often the content of this forum I will just share my updates from the ALEXA workflow on FCP to contribute a little content to the forum myself.

As described earlier, I tried a workflow using a LUT and Color to get rid of the blueishness of the ALEXA material and produce handier proxies in one step. But this has turned out to be a very unstable process, as you can read in previous post.

The workflow we are working with right now is quite simple. We imported all clips into FCP, bought the previously mentioned Antler Plugin (Alexa LogC to Video 3.0.1) and applied them on all Alexa clips in 4444 Resolution. We rendered those and exported them with a simple 422 codec to get our proxies. The color of those clips aint perfect, but looks naturally enough to work with them.

I proceeded and did some relink-tests in order to see if FCP can easily reconnect our clips from 4444 tp 422 if needed in between and for mastering. They all worked fine, even with subclips.

We are still arranging the footage and are about to start with some editing soon. Workflow looks simple and fine to me. If I encounter technical problems in my workflow, I will get back to this post. So far I can only recommend it though.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me.

Best regards

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