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Nesting Nuisance

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Ralph Chaney
Nesting Nuisance
on Jan 5, 2011 at 11:39:16 pm

Ok, so there it is... A NEST, sitting within layers of clips checkerboarding my timeline. But wait, I need to make that NEST just a bit longer. It won't extend because, yes, the clips within the Nest need to be longer themselves. No problemo.

But here IS the problemo:
I open the Nest, extend its internal clip(s)... and
DRAT - all the clips later in the timeline slip to the right, the same distance as I extended the internal clip(s).

My hated workaround:
I copy the Nest, move to the end of the timeline, and paste it in. (No clips in the show beyond it.)
Then I open the Nest, extend internal clips...
Then copy that Nest, and paste it back into its original position earlier in the timeline.


Any ideas to avoid this? Please make my 2011 better than last year.


-> Ralph

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Michael Gissing
Re: Nesting Nuisance
on Jan 5, 2011 at 11:49:32 pm

Is there a reason you prefer to nest, rather than just copy> paste clips?

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Shane Ross
Re: Nesting Nuisance
on Jan 5, 2011 at 11:52:38 pm

Nesting should be used sparingly, and only for certain situations.

This isn't one of those situations. This is an absolute wrong way to use a nest.


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David Roth Weiss
Re: Nesting Nuisance
on Jan 6, 2011 at 12:08:48 am

Like Shane, I try to avoid nesting whenever possible, which is 99.9% of the time.

Exactly what is it about nesting in your case that you absolutely can't live without?

David Roth Weiss
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Los Angeles


A forum host of Creative COW's Business & Marketing and Apple Final Cut Pro forums. Formerly host of the Apple Final Cut Basics, Indie Film & Documentary, and Film History & Appreciations forums.

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Ralph Chaney
Re: Nesting Nuisance
on Jan 6, 2011 at 12:59:26 am

I only use nests when I want to effect two or more layered clips as a group.

This last time: I had a base clip that needed two objects in the background covered. I added two V layers, each one covering one object. I then dissolved out of this composited shot. If I dissolved each of the three layers separately, the covering effect would have been exposed a bit during the dissolve.

Sometimes I use Nests to avoid having as much as 16 layers of video to manage. If I nest a group of 8 photo layers that move over the top of a background that already has 8 layers of logos, composited background - God knows what - then it's more manageable plus I can fade, move, or filter all the photos at once.

You know, I don't know Motion and maybe this stuff is a Motion thing... yet... does changing the duration of elements within Motion also end up with the problem as extended Nests, once it comes back to the timeline?

Thanks. R.

-> Ralph

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