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Exporting time for 48 min program is...... 3 minutes?!?

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Paul Traynor
Exporting time for 48 min program is...... 3 minutes?!?
on Sep 9, 2010 at 6:05:27 am


We are half way through post on a 12 part reality TV show and are starting to get weird errors thrown back at us by FCP. Well, not errors as such, but strange things are happening that require a work around.

We work with XDCam footage shot on the EX1 and edit in a 1920x1080 50i ProRes 422 sequence.

Everything has been going fine so far, but recently when trying to output my rendering time has become ridiculously short and my resulting files' filesizes are ridiculously small.

Originally one of our episode, rendered out from FCP using sequence setting would take around 40 minutes to render with all graphics etc, and about 20 minutes to export. The resulting file would be around 45-50GB.

Now rendering still takes the same amount of time, and my sequences are all still set up as they used to be, but when I export it takes around 2-3 minutes and the resulting filesize can be anywehere from 1-12GB.

It's exporting the whole thing, apparently is still 1920x1080, and is still ProRes. Admittedly it does look slightly different (colours a little more saturated, a little bit more noise in dark scenes) but to all intents and purposes, it is fine.

But of course it's not fine, i'm sure there must be something wrong but I have scoured System Setting, User Prefs, Sequence Settings etc to try and find why this is happening. Unusually, if I export using Quicktime conversion or by changing the "Export using" option in the export window from "Use Current Settings" to a 1920x1080 50i ProRes setting, it exports properly and I end up with a file that I should.

Are there any hidden settings governing this? Not in the RT menu or any of the menus I've mentioned before, but somewhere else?

Thanks, sorry this may seem a little unclear, I'd be happy to eleborate further on anything.


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Rafael Amador
Re: Exporting time for 48 min program is...... 3 minutes?!?
on Sep 9, 2010 at 6:27:09 am

You may be exporting a reference movie from FC.
Make sure "Self Contained" is checked in the export window.

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Paul Traynor
Re: Exporting time for 48 min program is...... 3 minutes?!?
on Sep 10, 2010 at 3:40:59 am

Thanks very much, that was the problem!

Never even noticed that that box was unchecked.

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