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Print to Video from FCP HDV Pro Res to Sony V1?

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Chris Simpson
Print to Video from FCP HDV Pro Res to Sony V1?
on Apr 26, 2010 at 7:03:32 pm

Now I know I posted this in HDV forum, but I'm wondering if it might be beter served here as it quite possibly an issue with FCP than the camera.

Here's the thing...


Struggling to Print To Video, after capturing HDV1080i50 as Apple Pro Res, I'm struggling to output back to my Sony HVR-V1 as HDV on Print to Video.

I've set the V1 to VCR, in menu I've set VCR to HDV, Component to 1080i/576, in the timeline I've set RT as Safe RT, Playback Quality to Full , Frame Rate to Full, and Record to Tape to Full Quality, and after taking 90mins to transcode to HDV, the message appeared "Ready for playback, start video recorder, and click OK to begin" which is odd, the Sony V1 shows HDV IN iLink, is set to VCR HDV, ilink conversion OFF Down convert to Squeeze. In FCP Device control Preset is set to Sony HDV 1080i50 Firewire.

So I hit okay, and the bars and tone appear on the monitor screen, and video starts, very wide on the monitor but the V1 remains on a blue screen like no device control at work, tried to set the camera rolling but in VCR it plays but nothing is recorded, in Camera, it starts recording through the lens.

So I'm wondering if anyone could share the necessary FCP settings as I'm fairly sure the V1 is set right and Z1 owners could probably tell me the secret as this aspect must be very very similar.

Then after a suggestion to used blacked tape with timecode on it....

Well that got me closer but still didn't work.

this is a Pro Res Multiclip, when I went into settings for the sequence, swapping the compressor setting from Apple Pro Res 422 to HDV 1080i50, and then went Print to Video, the bars and tone finally appeared in V1 LCD, however the video show a few seconds of frame in the LCD, then appeared to stutter and stall, back to blue screen in the LCD, then started again, then stuttered again and so on, all the while the video is running perfectly on my monitor. When I cancelled the print, then tried to rewind and review the tape, nothing had recorded and the tape had not moved forward.

I'm wondering if it's because I captured the HDV to Pro Res, rather than HDV capture to HDV timeline, and then I wondered if I sent the Pro Res to Compressor rendered out HDV video in Compressor, then dropped that video into an HDV timeline I might have more luck, Printing to Video in HDV to the V1? Alternatively I'm thinking is there a good flexible format for archiving this ("HD") Pro Res video as a digital file, HD that I could work from, edit highlights/show reel stuff from, into many formats from the Hard Drive, and/or a format that I do the same to work from that would fit 45mins of video on a 4.7 Gb dvd.

Otherwise I'm thinking how about sending it through Compressor to make a DV version, dropping that into DV timeline, and then keep, and admittedly DV version as an archive on tape. And begs the question is working in HD worth the hassle, I miss Log and Batch Capture (I don't have to remain sat at the Mac) while Capture Now in Pro Res, but good 'ol DV.

Anybody help with any of the above? My raid is going to get clogged at this rate, as I'm starting a third terrabyte project, when I ought to have archived the previous 2 first, trash the clips.

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Shane Ross
Re: Print to Video from FCP HDV Pro Res to Sony V1?
on Apr 26, 2010 at 9:54:50 pm

You can't print ProRes to tape via FireWire to that deck. It doesn't work that way. The conversion is a one way street. HDV to ProRes. You can't do ProRes to HDV. And you can only print to the HDV deck an HDV sequence and footage. If you planned on going back to HDV from the start, then you did the wrong thing by converting to ProRes.


Read my blog, Little Frog in High Def

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Chris Simpson
Re: Print to Video from FCP HDV Pro Res to Sony V1?
on Apr 27, 2010 at 12:27:01 am

Thanks Shane, at least I know I can give up trying.

In truth it's been something of a vanity exercise, just wanted to see if my Mac & Raid could handle 8-10 streams of Pro Res, for the work that i'm doing and if I ever got to a point where I was asked I could I work in Multiclip Pro Res, outputting to Blu Ray if required (I don't own a Blu Ray burner), that said onscreen graphics look much crisper on Pro Res than they do on DV,

Although the next question may prompt a Blu Ray burner, how would you recommend archiving the finished Pro Res material so it's flexible enough to be output in as many flavours as I might be asked, and so I can edit this finished output, hack it into smaller edited highlights. Leave it as Pro Res? although looking in compressor that looks like 60Gb per hour.

If I was happy leave 200Gb of finished work permanently on the Raid what would recommend for codec for a data dvd, and what file size and codec could be accommodated/recommended seems a shame to just dump the Pro Res, but save it for future use on a Blu Ray, as a data file. Am I right in thinking I could also run the Pro Res through Compressor and output DV versions that could be dropped into a DV timeline and Print to Video as DV?

Kind of warming to a Blu Ray, love to see as video in Blu Ray, so recommendations on a Blu Ray burner for Mac Pro, software Toast (which flavour?) and the best brand/most reliable Blu Ray blank rewrieable disc media?

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