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automatically resizing still images

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Mario Quintana
automatically resizing still images
on Feb 15, 2010 at 10:30:44 pm

I just got Final Cut 7.

When I import still images (JPEGS) that are "portrait" or framed vertically, Final Cut is automatically rotating these images so the display horizontally in the viewer and timeline.

I do not want to rotate each image individually.

I have also tried importing the images before I stared a sequence, so that they may import correctly to no avail.

I do not believe I have had this issue before. Images have always imported with their correct orientation.

Can anyone help me so that vertical photos import correctly?

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John Fishback
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Feb 15, 2010 at 10:51:56 pm

How big are the jpegs? I've never seen this. If you don't get a fix for importing them correctly, you can use Paste Attributes to fix many clips at once. Place your clips on a timeline. Manually rotate the first clip. Then copy (Cmd-C) that clip. Select the remaining clips and Paste Attributes (Opt-V) When the dialog box opens, check Basic Motion (in Video Attributes)and OK. The selected clips should all rotate to the vertical position. You can also change the scale in the same way. Just adjust the scale in the first clip and it'll be applied to everything along with the rotation.


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Michael Gissing
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Feb 15, 2010 at 11:36:42 pm

In User Preferences > Editing, see if the option to "always scale clips to sequence settings" is ticked.

If so try unticking before importing the jpegs and don't forget to turn it back on for normal footage as it is actually a handy thing mostly.

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Mario Quintana
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Feb 16, 2010 at 12:10:24 am

Thanks John.

They are pretty big 2832 x 4256.

However, in the Browser Window, the frame size reads flipped, 4256 x 2832. Seems like it could be a problem with the way it auto sizes to fit into the windows or sequence.

Un-checking the scale clips to sequence size button doesn't help. Neither does importing without a sequence open.

Let me know if yo have any ideas there.

Pasting attributes helps but it is a pain to wade through all these images, but it might be all I have.

Thanks a lot John.

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Christopher McDonell
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Feb 16, 2010 at 7:15:18 pm

I'm surprised no one's suggested using photo editing software first which I think is a total must. Do you have photoshop for instance? Or PS Elements? If so, you can open a new file in PS set to your video dimensions (DV NTSC, or HDV, etc. - or for the latter, 1440 x 1080), then import your photo file there, resize or position it accordingly, using the safe title/action guidelines, and save it as a .psd or tiff. So long as it's dimensions match that of your video, you can import it into FCP, drop it in the timeline, and all will be good.

Flattening your file first will give you a media file ready to use upon import, just like any other. If it's a layered file, and there are advantages to these, it will import as a sequence. You then need to open the sequence and drag the file from the timeline back to your bin where it will now appear as a ready to use file that you can then cut into your timeline. (Hope that makes sense.)

If you're planning on zooming in to your photo, or moving around with it (as one might with a map), you'll definitely want to import a layered file and keep it large (or enlarge it) in PS before importing where your final size is at 100%. That way when you scale down in FCP or Motion during a move, you can do so from 100% to 80% (for instance), rather than 120% to 100% (where you'll lose quality in the 120% blowup).

Make sense?

If I'm wrong about any of this, someone can surely correct me! Hope that helps,


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enki andrews
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Oct 5, 2010 at 1:29:12 am

I am encountering the same issue. I am attempting to create a timelapse using 3000+ images. Some images are portrait and some landscape. The portrait images are being automatically rotated to landscape. Going through each image manually and rotating isn't a viable option.

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Mario Quintana
Re: automatically resizing still images
on Oct 5, 2010 at 4:20:05 am

I can't even remember my solution to this previously, but if you need to resize all 3000 images, just change the rotation of one images, copy it and paste the basic motion attributes.

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