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Quality and de-interlace

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Drew wilson
Quality and de-interlace
on Feb 6, 2010 at 8:14:26 pm

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem that might not be a problem sounds confusing I know, here's the deal I am working with final cut 6.0.6 and I am having quality issues with my footage it is HD 1920x1080 60i shot with Sony HD-sr11
and I am trying to export in the highest quality available with final cut and without compressor. I guess my question is why is there so much quality loss before and after I add a De-interlace filter to it.(the originals look much better) The export looks just as bad as the canvas preview.....I rendered it before the export and it still looks bad, not horrible but not HD quality is it because I am viewing it on an LCD screen do I even need to DE-interlace....if anyone could explain this I would be great full......

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John Fishback
Re: Quality and de-interlace
on Feb 6, 2010 at 11:02:36 pm

Deinterlacing will negatively the resolution of your clips. Why aren't you using Compressor? If you turn on Frame Controls and choose higher quality settings than the defaults you should have better results. What's the final use and what will it be viewed on? Also, what did you do that the quality was bad before you tried to deinterlace?


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Drew wilson
Re: Quality and de-interlace
on Feb 7, 2010 at 6:20:40 pm

I appreciate you getting back to me,

The reason I am not using compressor is it dose not want to work on my system, it loads my footage seems to compress it but there is no out put video file that I can find it gives me to serrate files which cannot be opened with a weird extension.I looked into this problem and it seems some people are having the same issue, some people were resolving it by re-installing the app. but seems a little to much to get involved due to my time constraints.As for viewing,it will be viewed on a few networks which mostly consist of 70% HDTV so the quality is a necessity....before I De-interlaced it, it dose not seem like the any quality had deteriorated, but when I took over this project they told me specifically, "to always add the De-interlacing filter" (though at that point they were using allot of EX-1 and now it's 90% Sony HD-sr11 big difference) but yeah, do I need to De-interlace sounds like I might not have to. I also heard that a lot of TV's these days have a De-interlacing technology already in them....
would it just be safer to not De-interlace, also I am exporting apple pro res 1920x1080i HDTV

Thanks a million

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Arnie Schlissel
Re: Quality and de-interlace
on Feb 7, 2010 at 4:26:04 am

[Drew wilson] "The export looks just as bad as the canvas preview.."

how does it look on your calibrated broadcast monitor? that's the only way to judge it's real quality.


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