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Has anyone seen these "green and pink" squares trying to export to tape in FCP 6.0?!?!?!

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Oliver Covrett
Has anyone seen these "green and pink" squares trying to export to tape in FCP 6.0?!?!?!
on Jan 1, 2010 at 1:04:12 am

Hello all, I've been trying to Edit to Tape, Print to Video, and even simply record to tape straight from the timeline in FCP 6.0, and I've been getting NOTHING BUT bizarre and very complicated results. I've been at this (giving up and coming back to it) for MONTHS and the problem persists. Here's the story in short:

I shot a music video with a camera that wasn't mine and I wasn't completely familiar with (but did my research and became so), the Sony HDR-FX1. This is an HDV camera and I recorded as such to Sony HD Mini-DV tapes. I imported into FCP (as HDV), edited the video (in an HDV sequence), and everything went well. When I began to try and export to tape, thats when things started acting up.

In order to export to Mini-DV tape, it must be in a standard DV NTSC sequence (correct?). So I created a new sequence, with standard DV NTSC settings (from easy setup) and nested the HDV sequence into it, rendered, everything is still good. So the first time I try to Print to Video, I do this through my Panasonic DVX100A (and have done so with other videos flawlessly before, even on same computer) - I get video, no audio. I try it again: Nothing but Blue screen, no audio. Try it again, now I get the image you see above.

Of course I'm summarizing to expedite this story: In reality, for each weird result, I tried different sequence settings, tried Print to Video, Edit to Tape, different tapes, etc...

Finally thinking my camera is the problem, I get a Sony DSR-11 VTR Deck, hook it up, and have the same exact problems (now all i get is the image above)....

I've searched these and many other forums for "Pink and green squares" but no luck!

Has anyone ran into this problem at all or know what might be causing this?!?!?!

Thanks a million in advance for everyones interest, concern, and help!

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David Roth Weiss
Re: Has anyone seen these "green and pink" squares trying to export to tape in FCP 6.0?!?!?!
on Jan 1, 2010 at 8:57:43 pm

Sure, I've seen them. When you're not actually sending a video signal into a DV deck it records exactly what you're seeing. So, for one reason or another, you are not sending the deck a proper video signal, or at least what the deck is setup to record.

You've captured and edited HDV, but it seems you are trying to print that back to tape as SD DV, which doesn't work. You cannot down-convert HD on the fly out of FCP without a video card made for that purpose, so a DSR-11 SD tape deck won't work at all. You could however copy and paste everything from your HDV sequence into a DV sequence and print that to tape using a DSR-11. Otherwise, you will need to use the original camera to print your HDV sequence to tape, which requires the correct settings in the menu on the camera. Keep in mind, printing HDV to tape recompresses every frame and does a real number on text and graphics, so much so that few professionals ever do it.

David Roth Weiss
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Los Angeles


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Oliver Covrett
Re: Has anyone seen these "green and pink" squares trying to export to tape in FCP 6.0?!?!?!
on Jan 3, 2010 at 6:40:45 am

Hi David, thanks for reply and sorry for the delay in responding to you. Ive been at this for the life of me!! lol

Initially, I had it in a DV NTSC sequence from the get go. Ive even tried exporting projects shot and edited entirely on Mini-DV tapes and DV sequences. Also tried reimporting a compressed DV sequence back into FCP and edit to tape that way. No luck. Tried trashing prefs. no luck.

At this point, It switches between seeing the "green and pink squares" and black screen/ no audio.

found this to be very interesting: I was editing to tape through my DVX100A (normally had the same results I am having with my Sony deck) and one try I actually had AUDIO CUTTING IN AND OUT as well as what looked like TRACKING ARTIFACTS (that would be on an old VHS tape i guess).

The connection through FCP and my computer is set up exactly how it should be. All DV NTSC everything. I figured if I got audio and something thats not just black (or bright green and pink), it might a faulty wire or port? Switched wires and tried different firewire ports, no changes.....

Oh and yes, Ive tried multiple brand new Mini-DV tapes. and recorded video onto them through my DVX and they worked fine.

I. AM. LOST.....

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