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FCP 6: Change settings of multiclip after edited in a sequence?

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John Kary
FCP 6: Change settings of multiclip after edited in a sequence?
on Dec 26, 2009 at 10:30:10 pm

I'm using FCP 6.0.6. When creating my multiclip, I forgot to set 2 of my 4 angles as Anamorphic. I noticed this halfway through my edit, and decided to finish anyway. My multiclip is now fully edited in my sequence, and I set the 2 angles to Anamorphic, but this change is not reflecting in the Canvas view.

If I create a new sequence and a new multiclip with the proper settings from the now-correct anamorphic clips, I can drop the multiclip in the new sequence and everything looks correct. Why are the changes I'm making to the clip settings in my sequence not reflecting? Is there a way I can preserve my edits to the old multiclip onto the new multiclip (like reconnecting the old multiclip to a new one?)

To get a better idea of what I'm dealing with, please see this 60s screencast showing my current settings for the multiclip in my bin, the sequence in my bin, and the settings of the multiclip in my sequence.

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John Kary
Re: FCP 6: Change settings of multiclip after edited in a sequence?
on Dec 28, 2009 at 5:54:01 am

Here's what I had to do to preserve my edit and convince FCP to use the proper media, since reconnecting a multiclip apparently doesn't work.

1. Duplicate the sequence that had my edited multiclip so we have a backup copy to work on. We'll call this new sequence `final-backup`

2. Select All (Cmd + A) all of my multiclip edits in the timeline of `final-backup`, option-click for the context menu and select "Collapse Multiclip(s)". This makes the clips as if I had compiled an edit from each individual angle, as if I had never used a multiclip to do it.

3. Again Select All (Cmd + A) clips and select File > Export > EDL... In the EDL dialog box, you shouldn't need to change any options, just click OK and save the EDL to disk.

5. Select File > Import > EDL... In the dialog box, select the Preset that (closely) matches your footage (For me, there is no DV NTSC 48 kHz - 23.98 Anamorphic preset like my footage is, so I selected DV NTSC 48 kHz - 23.98, then changed the newly generated sequence to Anamorphic via Item Properties.) Also in the dialog box, select "Import For: Reconnect" so we can reconnect to the proper media.

6. The newly imported EDL generates a new sequence. Open the new sequence and all of your media is probably offline. Reconnect by option-clicking one of the clips in the timeline and select "Reconnect Media..." Use the dialog box to reconnect media to the proper clip on your drive for each angle.

7. You now have proper footage linked to your edits, and all the edits you worked so hard on have been preserved.

IMO this is a pretty stupid workaround, since it would only make sense for FCP to actually reflect changes made Item Properties of clips in the timeline. OR, changes made to Item Properties of media connected to multiclips. The clips not changing in the Canvas/timeline view is either a bug or "feature."

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