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need to output 1080i HDV in a .mov please

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Derrick Ashfield
need to output 1080i HDV in a .mov please
on Dec 9, 2009 at 1:01:22 pm

Hi everyone, this is my first post... I am a cinema teacher in Montreal.

I need to output an 8 minute short that has been shot in HDV (sony z5u), edited in a 1080i60 setting on FCP 5. The thing is, i need to get a .mov !
I know that i should output through compressor but in our case (student films) time is a huge factor. So basically, we've tried different settings in Quicktime but there is always a huge quality loss... actually, the overall quality is still good but, for example, a car driving through the frame becomes kind of choppy... the result is hard to describe but it only seems to affect moving objects...

Does anyone have any ideas please ? and if this subject has already been discussed in a previous post, forgive me but I haven't found it...

Hoping for some help,
Thanx in advance

It's not about the BIG picture, it's about the tiny details...

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Joe Pitts
Re: need to output 1080i HDV in a .mov please
on Dec 9, 2009 at 4:25:50 pm

may be its the workflow, edit the HDV up to a ProRes timeline, us the Prores timeline as the master for your transcodes...either h.264 or WMV (with flip4mac) for distribution of projects for like the internet.... the encoder in compressor or others, seem to want to see a full intraframe master...not the predictive frames of the HDV stuff!
have at it!

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Alex Elkins
Re: need to output 1080i HDV in a .mov please
on Dec 9, 2009 at 5:33:25 pm

Hi Derrick,

Does the mov specifically have to be in HDV format? If that's the case then it's certain that there will be what's known as 'generational loss' in quality.
What I suggest is:
1. In the Sequence Settings window (CMD+0), change 'compressor' from HDV 1080i60 to DVCPro HD 1080i60.

2. Render the timeline

3. Go to File> Export> Quicktime Movie and leave settings as 'Current Settings'. Make sure 'Recompress all frames' is UNCHECKED, and 'Make movie self-contained' IS checked. Click Save, let FCP do its thing and the file that is created will be a high quality HD file. From this file you can then create web and DVD versions etc using Compressor.

Hope this helps.

Alex Elkins

Salad Daze Films - Freshly Tossed

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Gary Askham
Re: need to output 1080i HDV in a .mov please
on Dec 9, 2009 at 6:18:53 pm

What is the '.mov' for? Who has specified that it needs to be a '.mov'.

Because in actual fact your 8 minute film is already a '.mov'. You don't have to do anything.

Okay, maybe you do. '.mov' is the file extension for a QuickTime Movie and Final Cut Pro is based on the QuickTime technology. It's more what is inside the QuickTime that is the issue. I am going to assume that the QuickTime is needed for distribution in some way, probably online (this is only an assumption though - you didn't give many details so it could be for another reason altogether). Online distribution tends to mean nowadays creating a H.264 QuickTime (H.264 is the name of the most recent and widely adopted format for web based video). And the easiest way to create a H.264 video is by using a Compressor preset.

Export your sequence from Final Cut Pro as a Quicktime movie (untick the 'recompress frames' and 'make movie self contained' options) and bring that file into compressor. Apply one of the H.264 streaming presets.

To tell the truth when you start out encoding video a lot of it is down to trial and error. Apply a few of the different presets and look at the results. Choose which is the best. If you don't like the results then make a duplicate of the preset and change the settings until you get what you want.

Hope this helps.

FCP and Avid Technical Support
Air Post Production
Shoreditch - London

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